SxRTD quickie: Deep Fried Man talks playing the triangle

2016-09-30 06:00

Cape Town - We can see it approaching like a rolling thunderstorm. Flashing and roaring on the horizon as it rumbles towards us.

And we can't wait to get drenched by the amazingness that is Superbalist is Rocking the Daisies!

To get us in the mood so long we cornered comedian Deep Fried Man for a quickie!

What’s a quickie? It’s a brief or spontaneous episode consisting of eight frisky questions in which celebs and Channel24 have a brief frolic leaving all parties involved feeling satisfied and craving a cigarette. 

Check out what Deep Fried Man had to say:

Are you a Daisies virgin?

Far from it! This will be my fifth RTD, and my fourth as a performer. 

Top or bottom bunk?

Blow-up mattress. It's too difficult to fit a bunk bed in a tent. 

What’s the one song you’ll be listening to on your way to Daisies?

I must protest against having to choose only one song. My iPhone can fit over three thousand songs on it and it's only the 16GB one. I plan to put it on shuffle. Because I can. 

What’s your motto for Superbalist is Rocking the Daisies 2016?

"I WILL stay sober until after my set. I WILL stay sober until after my set. I WILL stay sober ..." repeat continuously until my set begins.   

If you could be in any other band playing at Daisies, who would it be?

There are too many to choo

se from. Before I get into this I just want to say that my chosen instrument would be the triangle, a very underrated instrument. I would love to play the triangle on Pumped Up Kicks and would also play over Foster the People's other songs if they have any (I'm not sure). I would also love to play the triangle for AKA but I'd be too scared he'd kick me off the stage. Hugh Masekela would be a dream come true but he's a serious jazz musician and it takes years to master the jazz triangle. Maybe Desmond and the Tutus. Because I know them and they'd be the most likely to actually allow me to play the triangle for them. Because, like me, they have a strange sense of humour. 

Short-shorts or a skort?

I sadly don't have the figure to pull either of those off.

Your best tip for surviving Daisies?

Go to Oppikoppi first. Oppikoppi is a desert-like situation with dust and thorns and, most challenging of all, lots of people from Gauteng.  If you can survive that, Daisies will seem like a church picnic in comparison.

What was the last song that got stuck in your head?

The Gummy Bears theme tune has been stuck in my head since 1985. Please help.

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