10 times Grey’s Anatomy made us cry

2016-12-09 06:01

Johanessburg - With a bumper crop of 11 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, about the surgical interns, residents and patients at a Seattle hospital, having launched on ShowMax last week, we’ve been reminiscing about the on-screen moments that made us lunge for the tissues. 

Do you remember these?

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The times it made us cry for love

1. S5 E22

What A Difference A Day Makes
“Today’s the day my life begins.”

Weddings on Grey’s tend to be poignant enough to bring us to tears, but none were as simultaneously joyful and painful to watch as Alex and Izzie’s. They’ve just found out that Izzie has another brain tumour, and she gets married in the dress that was going to be Meredith’s. It gets to Alex’s wedding vows, (“Together, no matter what happens, I’ll be ready … ”), and cue: Ugly crying.

2. S2 E5

Bring the Pain
“Pick me. Choose me. Love me.”

Meredith admits to Derek that she’s “so in this relationship it’s humiliating”, and that he has to choose between her and his wife Addison. She ends her speech with the six words no fan will never forget. But when we see Derek’s conflicted face after she leaves, we already know how it’s going to end.

3. S7 E12

Start Me Up
“You want another chance?”

We’ve always thought Arizona Robbins and Callie Torres were soul-mates, but, when Arizona comes back to Callie after one of their break-ups, and asks her for one more chance, Callie drops a bombshell - that she’s pregnant, with Mark Sloan’s baby - and we know that not even this couple can survive this.

The times it made us cry for friendship

4. S10 E24

Fear of the Unknown
“You’re my person. I need you alive.”

Meredith and Cristina “dance it out” to say goodbye before Cristina leaves for Zurich. Where Does the Good Go by Tegan and Sara provides the perfect upbeat but yearning backing track to their final jam together.

5. S3 E25

Didn’t We Almost Have It All?
“I’m free … Damnit … Damnit!”

After Preston Burke leaves Cristina on their wedding day, we see Cristina sobbing with relief and disappointment. It’s up to Meredith to literally cut Cristina out of her wedding dress, setting her free to live the rest of her life as she chooses, and to calm her down. 

6. S5 E24

Now or Never

The John Doe with an unrecognisably damaged face, who jumped in front of a bus to save a stranger, traces Meredith’s nickname for the innocent Dr George O’Malley on her hand, and it dawns on her who he really is. Now the team have to try to save the man they thought was a stranger, but is actually one of their most trusted friends.

The (many) times it made us cry because someone died

7. S2 E27

Losing My Religion
“You’re going to make my heart stop beating, and it’s brand-new.”

Few of us will ever forget the heartache we felt watching Izzie sobbing on Denny’s bed after he died of a stroke moments after he proposed to her. And Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars in the background kept the tears flowing.

8. S6 E23 and 24

Sanctuary, and Death And All His Friends
The shooter

When the disgruntled husband of a former patient returns to the hospital to issue vengeance on Derek in the two final episodes of Season 2, we watch Derek flatlining on the operating table after being shot, with Meredith sobbing and the shooter with his gun against Cristina’s head, forcing her to stop operating. This is heart-wrenching TV at its best (and worst).

9. S5 E24

Now or Never
Heaven, in an elevator

As doctors struggle to bring both Izzie and George back to life as they flatline, we see Izzie stepping into an elevator in her magenta ball-gown. The elevator door opens, and there’s George - in an army uniform. We’re certain that this means they’ve both died, and are on their way to the afterlife together. 

10. S8 E24

“We’re meant to be.”

Dr Mark Sloan telling Meredith’s little sister Lexie that he loves her, shortly after she had professed her love for him, as she lies dying under the wreckage of the plane that crashed in the woods, left not a dry eye in the house.

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