5 thrilling series that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

2016-07-12 14:55

Cape Town - TV thrillers like The Missing, Lost and The Leftovers combine nail-biting action with gripping drama when people suddenly disappear.

A parent’s worst nightmare must be losing their child, but that’s exactly what’s happened in British mystery thriller series The Missing (2012), which just launched on ShowMax. Big-screen stars Ashley Judd and Sean Bean have teamed up with Cliff Curtis in this heart-stopping series about ex-CIA agent Rebecca Winstone (Judd), whose son has gone missing. And we’re not talking about in a shopping mall while Becca’s buying groceries – he’s gone missing while he’s meant to be studying architecture in Rome, Italy, which sends the worried mom on a frantic chase across Europe to find her missing son. 

The Missing isn’t the only show dealing with people disappearing, though…

And Then There Were None (2015 - 2016)

Who’s in it: Charles Dance (Game of Thrones) and Douglas Booth (Noah Jupiter Ascending)

What it’s about: Ten strangers are ferried to an isolated mansion on a secluded British island where you can only escape by boat. They have no idea why they are there, or who invited them. Then, one-by-one, the guests start missing and they all get accused of murder. And everyone is a suspect.

Why you should watch: The series is based on Agatha Christie’s mystery novel of the same name and is considered to be one of her literary masterpieces. The show’s cinematography is breathtakingly dark and ominous while showcasing beautiful landscapes and architecture. With a stellar cast delivering gripping performances, this show should be on any whodunit fans’ binge-watch bucket list. 

Watch the trailer here:

The Leftovers (2014-current)

Who’s in it: Justin Theroux and Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who).

What it’s about: a global event known as “Sudden Departure” – people literally vanished into thin air, as though they were never there. It’s based on author Tom Perrotta’s 2011 book The Leftovers.

Why you should watch: Is it a magic trick? Is it the biblical Rapture, when the “chosen few” have been spirited to Heaven? Or is it just an unexplained supernatural occurrence? No one knows for sure… and that’s what makes this dark drama so addictive.

Watch the trailer here:

The Missing (2014-current)

Who’s in it: James Nesbitt  (Stan Lee’s Lucky Man) and David Morrissey (The Walking Dead).

What it’s about: British holidaymaker Tony’s (James Nesbitt) young son went missing during a trip to France. Years later, Tony is still searching for his son, determined to find out what happened to the boy.

Why you should watch: Like Missing, a parent’s life has fallen apart and they’ve dedicated themselves to finding their lost child. It’s dark, it’s thrilling, it’s dramatic and the despair you feel for Tony will have you on the edge of your seat. Season 2 is currently in production and will feature an all-new lineup and story, also with a child going missing.

Watch the trailer here:

The 4400 (2004-2007)

Who’s in it: Jacqueline McKenzie (Hiding, 2015) and Joel Gretsch (V).

What it’s about: A comet hurtling towards Earth stops just above the planet and 4400 people who went missing over the past 50 years – and were presumed dead – are returned alive. But something about them has changed… 

Why you should watch: Homeland Security isn’t sure what to make of “the returnees”, especially when some start developing strange abilities, like being able to bring dead animals back to life and telepathy.

Lost (2004-2010)

Who’s in it: Daniel Dae Kim (Hawaii Five-O) and Josh Holloway (Colony).

What it’s about: A group of plane passengers are left stranded on a tropical island. It’s not on any map they can find, there’s no communication with the outside world, and they’re not all that alone!

Why you should watch: Nothing is as it seems. There are surprises lurking around every corner. And thanks to flashforwards and flashbacks, every episode adds more context to the already-addictive storyline.

Watch the trailer here:

The Missing, And Then There Were None and The 4400 are both available to stream right now with ShowMax internet TV. Sign up for a seven-day free trial and get your binge on. 

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