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7 of Nurse Jackie’s best drug stash spots

2016-09-29 05:00

Cape Town - Brilliant emergency room nurse Jackie Peyton (Edie Falco) doesn’t have a great bedside manner and she’s barely able to keep her life together. We love her complex character and the fact that she’s not all good – or all bad.

Over the course of seven seasons of Nurse Jackie (2009-2015) (all of which are on ShowMax), you’ll find out how her powerful painkiller addiction drives her lies and the destruction of her personal relationships.

Nurse Jackie is a must for anyone who enjoys dark medical dramedies like House (all seasons also on ShowMax). We particularly love the ingenuity that Jackie has to exercise to hide her addiction and her pill stash. 

Check out our top seven hidey holes for Jackie’s stash (and one big boo-boo).

1. Sweetener (season 1, episode 2, 2009)

Jackie keeps ground-up Percocet (acetaminophen and oxycodone) in little packets of artificial sweetener called Sweet N All, so she can dump it in her coffee in public without anyone batting an eye. Just don’t ask to share… 

2. Easter eggs (season 2, episode 2, 2010)

While doing the ironing, Jackie pops a pill she had hidden inside a child’s plastic Easter egg. Bet the bunny didn’t bring that one! 

3. Dental floss (season 2 episode 11, 2010)

Jackie keeps some pills hidden inside a floss container but flips out when she misplaces it and forces the family to abandon their holiday trip. If you’ve ever squirmed in guilt when your dentist asks whether you floss, you’ll know why this is a great hiding place.

4. Mittens (season 3, episode 4, 2011)

Jackie has to think fast when her husband Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) gives away some old clothes to their daughter Grace’s (Ruby Jerins) school for charity. She’s hidden some pills inside one of the children’s tiny old mittens, sneakily disguising her addiction as nostalgia.

5. Ceiling tile (season 3, episode 5, 2011)

Jackie keeps a stash of pills under a ceiling tile in the hospital basement storage room. Little does she know that’s also where the hospital keeps its hungry rats.

6. TV remote’s battery compartment (season 6, episode 5, 2015)

Honestly, when last did you change the batteries in your remote? Jackie’s boyfriend Frank (Adam Ferrara) only finds them because he’s turning the house upside-down looking for her hiding places. He should also check inside the light fixture, inside the torch’s battery compartment, and behind one of the boxes in the basement. 

7. Tampon machine (season 6, episode 6, 2015)

Jackie keeps bags of pills stashed inside the outdated, out-of-order tampon dispenser in the maintenance unit’s bathroom at the hospital… until her boss Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) decides it’s time the machine made way for new hand dryers. 

And the worst hiding place goes to…

Her mouth (season 7, episode 10, 2015): An investigator comes round to Eddie the pharmacist’s (Paul Schulze) place with a drug-sniffing dog while Jackie is there. When Jackie spots an incriminating pill on the floor, she hides it by popping it in her mouth. What a pity she has a drug screening test scheduled that day!

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