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Booting up with Silicon Valley

2016-10-18 05:00

Johannesburg - Hidden messages and inside jokes (they’re also called “Easter eggs”) are placed throughout our favourite series. And one of the easiest spots is in the opening theme. But what happens when you only have 10 seconds to get it done? 

You get blink-and-you-miss-it fun like in the intro video for tech sitcom Silicon Valley (2014-current; the first two seasons are now on internet TV service ShowMax and season three will be airing locally soon.)

“I want it full of interesting eye candy,” says series creator Mike Judge. And he’s not joking – they’ve used over 20 tech references in the time-lapse theme (which is styled like original simulation videogame Sim City, 1989-current), including… 

1. Adobe and Oracle

They’re… two software giants – Adobe for design (everything from magazines to websites) and Oracle for database management.

They’re here because… the Pied Piper software has been designed by Richard (Thomas Middleditch) and his team to maximise storage capabilities. No Adobe, no design. No Oracle, no storage management. 

2. Android

It’s… the biggest name in operating systems (the software that runs smartphones and tablets).

It’s here because… 80% of people in the real world use Android devices. It was the first name on the list by default!

3. Apple

It’s… the most popular brand in technology. Plus, Richard uses an Apple iPhone while most of the other characters have Android handsets.

It’s here because… Apple has revolutionised technology and that’s what Richard is trying to do with his software. The IT supergiant is referenced twice – there’s a multi-coloured billboard (like their rainbow logo, 1976-1998) and a round building like Apple’s new headquarters in the actual Silicon Valley in San Francisco.

4. Facebook, MySpace and Twitter

They’re… social media networks that let people around the world share photos, stories, updates on their lives, how they’re feeling… anything really.

They’re here because… social media is one of the biggest tech industries. 

5. Google

It’s… the most-used search engine online, able to find the answer to any question about any topic you can think of.

It’s here because… it’s so popular that it’s actually a dictionary term now – don’t believe us? Google it to get the answer!

6. Hooli

It’s… an actual communication software company in the real world. 

It’s here because… in the show, Hooli is a giant multinational tech firm. Rumour has it Hooli and its way of doing business are a sly dig at Apple. 

7. Intel

It’s… a microprocessor manufacturer.

It's here because ... like Android, it’s by default. If you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop… any device really… chances are an Intel processor powers it.

8. Napster

It’s… the original file-sharing software that made illegal music sharing popular.

It’s here because… it’s a neat reference to the pioneer of online content sharing. It changed the music industry so much that Napster and its creator Shawn Fanning were sued in 2000 by heavy metal band Metallica after their songs were shared on the platform (and in case you’re wondering, in July 2016, Napster was changed into an online music subscription service where users can buy and listen to music legally).

9. YouTube

It’s… the premiere video-sharing website in the world.
It’s here because… Richard built his software to make online video usage, storage and viewing easier. You can’t have online videos and not feature YouTube.

There’s also communication company WhatsApp, taxi service Uber, Google’s web browser Chrome, technology giant HP and loads more. And keep your eyes peeled – the intro is updated every season to keep up with changes in the real Silicon Valley.

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