Howling hot viewing – why werewolves are cool on TV

2016-09-16 15:56

Johannesburg - Lock your doors and load your silver bullets, folks – when there’s a full moon, the crazies come out. And we’re talking the half-man (or woman), half-wolf kind. But in recent years, being hairy, having huge fangs and changing into a werewolf under the full moon has become a pretty cool super power on fantasy and horror shows. 

So why should you be watching series like Teen Wolf on internet TV service ShowMax? For these wonderfully wolfie reasons…

Sexy beasts

Vampires are pale, witches tend to wear cloaks (plus they might turn you into a frog if you’re not careful) and demons usually have skin conditions so frightening that they make acne look like a playdate.

Werewolves, on the other paw, are hot and hairy (for the most part). Teen Wolf’s Scott and Derek (Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin) deserve a wolf-whistle for their good looks, toned torsos, chiselled jaws and sexy smiles. And let’s not forget the foxy Ruby Lucas aka Red Riding Hood (Meghan Ory), who in a fantastic twist, is actually a werewolf in fairytale-themed show Once Upon A Time

Family first

Unlike vamps, witches and other supernatural beasties, werewolves like each other’s company and family always comes first – usually in the form of the strict pecking order of the “pack”. And pack power is important! Vampire Klaus (Joseph Morgan) created werewolf hybrids in sci-fi Vampire Diaries. The bond that Klaus’ werewolves formed between one another is so strong that when a person changes to a beast, they won’t kill any werewolves from any other pack. 

From man to superman

There are a number of ways that werewolves transform. There’s the morph into an actual four-legged furry wolf, like Alcide Herveaux (hunky Joe Manganiello) on True Blood or they can go through a more painful, bone-breaking, claw-growing violent transformation like the four-legged werewolves on Bitten.

Alternatively, a somewhat shorter transformation like two-legged hottie howler Scott in Teen Wolf (just add glowing eyes and some facial fur and boom – you’re transformed into a two-legged wolf-like howler). And if you’re looking for something extremely gruesome, there’s always the wolfmen look of the Lycans in fantasy horror movie Underworld. So gross and painful that you simply can’t look away!

Power up

Werewolves have amazing senses of sight, hearing and smell. So while characters like Elena (Laura Vandervoort) in Bitten looks like Plain Jane when she’s not in werewolf mode, they’re actually able to eavesdrop across a busy restaurant, smell a new foe walking into town or even see for miles! 

And for the most part, werewolves are immortal – in many cases, the only way to kill them is to shoot them through the heart with a silver bullet. But do you know how fast you need to be on the draw to get your shot off? 

Good vs bad

No matter what side of the line you fall on – good or bad – there’s a wolfie for you to follow. There’s a fun fix with nice pups like Principal Shawlby in kiddies’ animation Mona The Vampire, who hides his transformation because he doesn’t want to scare away the kids. 

But if howling horrors are more your thing, there’s always Once Upon A Time – its wolf pack call themselves The Children Of The Moon and their mission is to kill the sweet and kind Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) for the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla), who’s promised to free them and put an end to silver mining... if they destroy her enemy. Yikes!

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