The 10 best one-liners from Everybody Loves Raymond

2016-11-17 15:08

Johannesburg - Everybody Loves Raymond spent six of its nine seasons in the top 10 rankings for audience numbers in the States, and it won a total of 15 Emmys.

We said farewell to Ray Barone, the sarcastic everyman we could all relate to, his hangdog brother Robert, his overbearing parents Frank and Marie, and his long-suffering, fiery wife Debra in 2005 - but thanks to ShowMax, we can now reminisce by bingeing on all nine seasons. 

Remember these moments? 

1. Ray

To Debra, when she doesn’t kiss him back, “Whoa! I don’t want to say that was cold, but if your mouth opened, a little light would come on.”
S3, E4, Getting Even

To Robert, who’s having an argument with Debra: “Lay down, play dead!”
S5, E4, Meant To Be

2. Debra

To Ray, after pretending to have had a breast enlargement: “Oh baloney, all I have to do is stuff a couple of socks in there and you’re hyperventilating!”
S4, E1, Boob Job

To Ray: “Explain to me how you can’t fold a shirt. Explain to me how an adult human with thumbs is not able to do that!”
S7, E18, The Plan

3. Robert

“I”m a cop and I live with my parents. I’m on a steady diet of human suffering.”
S1, E19, The Dog

To Ray: “How about we golf for it? Today? 18 holes, loser gets Mom.”
S8, E23, Golf For It

4. Frank

To Marie, when she says “I’m not just some trophy wife.”
“Trophy wife? What contest in hell did I win?”
S3, E12, The Toaster

“You can’t overthrow Marie. Besides, anytime you cut the head off something, the body still runs around by itself, all crazed-like.”
S8, E3, Thank You Notes

5. Marie

To Debra: “You’d have to be a cook to understand.”
S4, E2, The Can Opener

To Robert, before his wedding, “Robbie, I found a place that can make you a tuxedo. They do the circus!”
S7, E12, Just A Formality

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