Whodunnit? The best of British cop shows

2016-10-14 07:00

Johannesburg - While British consulting detective Sherlock Holmes is tackling crime in the US on Elementary (2012-current, the first three of its five seasons are available on internet TV service ShowMax), there are a host of UK-based detectives filling smartphone, tablet and TV screens.  There’s even a section devoted to the Best Of British on ShowMax, including no-nonsense, trenchcoat-wearing inspectors like:
Luther (2010-current)

Seasons 1, 2 and 3 are available on ShowMax

What’s it about? London’s Detective Chief Inspector John Luther from the Serious Crime Unit who specialises in high-profile cases – but they take their toll on his mental strength.
Who’s who? John Luther is played by Idris Elba, Hilton in iconic British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous (1992-2012, all five seasons are on ShowMax). For DCI Luther, the job always comes first and getting violent is acceptable in his eyes if it gets things done.
Alice Morgan is played by Ruth Wilson, better known as Alison Bailey in drama series The Affair (2014-current, seasons 1 and 2 are on ShowMax). Alice is a psychopath murderer who becomes obsessed with Luther in seasons 1 through 3.
We start off with Luther returning to work after suffering a nervous breakdown while hunting serial killer Henry Madsen (Anton Saunders). He’s tasked with solving a double homicide case and suspects that Alice Morgan murdered her parents, but thanks to insufficient evidence, Luther’s unable to arrest her.
Don’t miss season 1 episode 6: Luther is framed for murder and goes on the run. When season 2 starts, he’s back on active duty but he’s shattered after a suicide attempt despite being cleared of murder at the end of season 1.
Line Of Duty (2012-current)

Seasons 1 and 2 are available on ShowMax

What’s it about? Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott and his colleagues from the AC-12 unit who tackle corruption within the police department. 
Who’s who? Steve Arnott is played by Martin Compston, who pops up as Edwin Havelock in period thriller Ripper Street (2012-current, seasons 1, 2 and 3 are on ShowMax). Steve made a lot of enemies in the police force after refusing to lie under oath following a murder and as a result, he’s got to keep an eye out because someone’s always looking to stab him in the back – especially the people he works with.
Kate Fleming is played by Vicky McClure. Kate is a detective constable in the AC-12 and a specialist at undercover work.
We start off with an innocent man is killed during a raid headed by Steve Arnott. He’s held responsible transferred to the anti-corruption unit AC-12, where his past refusals to cover up for colleagues is going to land him in trouble.
Don’t miss season 1 episode 4: Arnott is ambushed at a meeting and taken hostage. Except his captors don’t want money for him – they want him to pay and crushing his hands in a vice seems like a good start …
Vera (2011-current)

Seasons 1, 2 and 3 are available on ShowMax

What’s it about? Based on the books by author Ann Cleeves, main character Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope leads the investigations team at the fictional Northumberland City Police department.
Who’s who? Vera Stanhope is played by Brenda Blethyn. DCI Stanhope is career-driven and will go to extra-ordinary lengths to catch the criminals, but her inner demons are always getting in the way somehow.

Joe Ashworth is played by David Leon, mysterious drifter Alex in drama show The Refugees (2014-current). He’s a detective sergeant working alongside Vera on her cases.
We start off with Vera being called to investigate a young boy found murdered in his bath and surrounded by flowers. At the same time, she’s struggling to deal with her father’s death.
Don’t miss season 1 episode 4: Vera tries to put her personal problems aside while helping a young boy, who claims that his mother was beaten to death by “The Shiny Man”. And somehow peacocks are involved.
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