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Our Favourite TV Couples

2010-02-11 16:06

Monica and Chandler - Friends
The Friends that became lovers. We adore them because they're both equally crazy and neurotic, and nobody else would have them.  [SaB]

Kate and Sawyer - Lost
He’s a cocksure alpha male dealing with a dark past. She’s just like him, but, y’know, a woman. What was that about opposites attracting? There’s no denying the all-or-nothing impulse that continue to drive these two together, even across time. And because Kate and Jack look like the most boring couple EVER. [SB and LR]

Chuck and Blair - Gossip Girl
She’s a fabulous, conniving  über bitch, while he's cold-hearted and always get what he wants. Together they are amazing.  It helps that she’s drop-dead gorgeous and he's the bad boy you wouldn’t mind getting stuck in the lift with. [UE]

Sookie and Bill - True Blood
It's the sex. They have red hot, steamy, bloody vampire sex. It's gross and gorgeous all at the same time. [SaB]

Buffy and Angel, Buffy and Riley, Buffy and Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
One of the few shows that understand the mechanics of good romance. [LR]

Denny Crane and Alan Shore - Boston Legal
Though technically not a couple (in the romantic sense), these two men loved each other more than “normal couples” plus they married each other at the end of the series. Both were womanisers, but in the end they become legally bound to each other. They agreed to get married so that Alan could inherit Denny’s fortune after he dies (he has Alzheimer’s). Alan would no doubt take care of Denny through his illness and see to it that he has the best possible care. What more could you want from a marriage partner? That's a bromance.  [AE]

Kevin and Scotty - Brothers and Sisters
Kevin's a real bitch. It takes a special man to put up with all that drama for a lifetime, and Scotty is it. And Kevin loves him for it. Their bickering and bitching is what keeps things hot. [SaB]

Altus and Paula -7de Laan
Talk about star-crossed lovers! No matter how many times they break up, cheat or run away, the chemistry between Hillside's hottest couple is electric and unstoppable. [SaB]

Bette and Tina – The L Word
No, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes. Your TV screen has likely melted from the intensity of the chemistry between these two gorgeous women. [SB]

Seth and Summer – The OC
These two were the reason I watched the show. The popular chick and the nerd hooking up. Their relationship was more watchable than the boring tragi-comedy that was Marissa Cooper and Ryan Atwood. Who wouldn’t fall in love with Seth Cohen? Adorable. Witty. And he has a horse figurine named Capt Oats. Oh yeah. [AE]

Coach Eric Taylor and Tami Taylor – Friday Night Lights
The best TV couple of all time? Quite possibly. Individually, Eric & Tami are the kind of people you wish you were besties with. They’re strong, dependable and infinitely wise. But together, they are a force to be reckoned with. They talk, fight, share meals, pillow talk and family responsibilities like they really have been doing it for the last 20 years. [SB]

* Contributors: Sam Brighton [SaB], Shaheema Barodien [SB], Aneeqah Emeran [AE], Lili Radloff [LR] and Ulpha Edries [UE].

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