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2009-11-12 13:03
Cory Monteith
From: Alberta, Canada, 27 years old.
He plays: Glee club male lead Finn Hudson,who is also the star of the football team. His snobby girlfriend, Quinn, is a cheerleader, but he’s still an all-round nice guy. He’s a little dim, though.

Chris Colfer
From: California, 19 years old.
He plays: Kurt Hummel, the official underdog. He sings soprano, but he’s a little off-key and (in so many ways) his surname makes you think of cutesy pottery figurines. Recently came out as gay.

How did you land your role?
Cory: I got the part by puttin gmyself on tape. They wanted someone who can sing, and I don’t think I’m that great of a singer, so I just omitted that part. Then they came back and said they liked the acting, but needed singing. I worked with a couple of coaches, sent a tape, and then drove 20 hours from Canada to LA for a meet where there were 25 others contesting the role. A long drive for a long shot.

Chris: I’d just graduated high school, and got my first audition for Glee. I originally auditioned for the role of Arty, the boy in the wheelchair. They didn’t want me for that, but they liked me, so they wrote this role specially for me.

If I say the word Glee, what springs to mind?
Cory: Glee is the thing inside all of us that wants to express itself. I think the underdog inside all of us is waiting to get out, waiting to be who we are, so it’s like self-expression.

Chris: When I first think of Glee, I think of the early dance rehearsals. It’s the first time I ever felt like I belonged. The glee club allows us to be who we really are, and what that brings is joy.

For every generation, there’s a high school series that connects with an audience. How does Glee fill that role?
Cory: There’s a lot of relatability in these characters. Anyone watching the show – whether you’re in high school, or older – can find some aspect about their struggle, about their passion, about their pain.

Was school painful for you?
Chris: Yes. I was one of these kids, not in the glee club, but definitely the underdog. I was never tossed into a dumpster physically, but emotionally, verbally – I was tossed in the dumpster. The show is very real. It’s exactly like the real world.

Cory: I didn’t stick to a particular group. I wasn’t a jock or into drama. But I was part of the audiovisual club.

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