Stop pirating! Hot shows you don't have to wait for

2012-09-26 12:53
In a bold move, DStv has decided to premiere some your favourite hit US shows much earlier than usual.

With some of these shows airing a week or two after they air in the US, you won't find yourself needing to download them from the internet anymore.

Channel24 takes a look at the lineup for September and October:

27 September - Breaking Bad S5

Returning for it's fifth and final season, Walter and Jesse decided to revive their meth cooking and selling venture.

This could only mean one thing: Loads of action and drama.

Take a look at the trailer for Season 5:

Catch Breaking Bad S5 starting on M-Net Series (110) on Thursday 27 September at 21:30.

27 September - Revolution

The producer of Star Trek and Fringe, JJ Abrams, brings you a new hit sci-fi series.

Revolution is set in a post-apocalyptic future where an unknown phenomenon had disabled all technology dependent on electricity only fifteen years earlier. People were forced to adapt to a world without functioning technology, and due to the collapse of government and society, many areas are under the rule of warlords and militias.

But, one family may have the answer to how and why this happened.

Watch the trailer for Revolution here:

Catch Revolution on M-Net Series starting on 27 September at 20:30.

5 October - Partners

Written by the creators of Will and Grace, Partners brings you a comedy set on two friends and their various relationships.

Although they are worlds apart from each other, Louis and Joe are lifelong friends and partners in an architecture firm.

But, when Joe gets engaged to his girlfriend that Louis hates, their bromance is tested along with Louis finding his feet with his new boyfriend.

Watch the trailer for Partners here:

Don't forget to watch Partners, starting 5 October on M-Net at 18:00.

6 October - The X Factor USA Season 2

Simon and his team of judges are back to find the newest hit sensation. The show will enjoy a Saturday and Sunday prime time, double-bill premiere every week.

After much hype and speculation, pop icon Britney Spears as well as singer and actress Demi Lovato will join LA Reid and Simon Cowell as new judges on The X Factor, replacing predecessors Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

Don't forget to watch The X-Factor USA on M-Net starting 6 October at 17:00.

10 October - Homeland Season 2

Espionage, secrets and a healthy dose of crazy.

After their big win at the Primetime Emmy Awards, Carrie Mathison and Nicholas Brody are back again, trying to outrun each other.

At the end of Season 1, Carrie was fired from the CIA and submitted to electroconvulsive therapy to cure her biopolar disorder. In the process, she forgets a critical piece of information that might have linked Nicholas to terrorist Abu Nazir.

Watch the trailer for Season 2 here:

Don't forget to watch Homeland S2, starting 10 October on M-Net at 21:30.

13 October - NCIS LA Season 4

On the run from the CIA, the NCIS LA team now have to steer clear of being shut down after the explosive cliffhanger at the end of Season 3.

Season 4 promises more action and all the answers to your burning questions.

Watch the tralier for Season 4 here:

Don't miss NCIS LA S4 starting 13 October on M-Net at 20:30.

13 October - Gossip Girl Season 6

10 episodes to go in the final season of Gossip Girl.

After plunging back into her old habits of drugs and booze, Serena disappeared of the radar. Blair and Chuck went on to join forces against Bart Bass, while Dan and Georgina took a little trip to Italy to work on Dan's much anticipated follow-up novel.

When the show returns, we find Serena engaged, Chuck and Blair getting nasty and Dan being slapped by a lot of girls.

And then, will we finally get to know who Gossip Girl is?

Watch the trailer here:

Don't miss Gossip Girl S6 kicking of on 13 October on M-Net Series at 20:30.

18 October - Smash Season 1

From executive producer Steven Spielberg, this show revolves around a group of characters creating new Broadway musicals, where everyone must balance his or her own chaotic life with the demands of life in theatre.

Julia and Tom, a Broadway songwriter and composer team, come up with the idea of a musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe, entitled Bombshell.

Add a young star, a bitchy understudy a hilarious cast and good plot and you will find yourself singing along at the old favourites.

Watch the trailer here:

Don't forget to watch Smash S1 on M-Net Series, starting 18 October at 19:30.

19 October - Arrow S1

The hit spin-off series from Smallville focuses on the Green Arrow and how he became a superhero.

From a playboy billionaire to stranded on an island, Oliver Queen seeks out vengeance on the people who murdered his parents, and while at it, he decides to clean up the streets and become a vigilante.

Watch the trailer here:

Don't miss Arrow S1 starting on 19 October on M-Net at 20:30.

20 October - Vampire Diaries S4

So, Elena is in transition after being given vampire blood and this is just the beginning of it all for Season 4.

Racked with guilt, Stefan decides that they need to pull out every stop to save Elena from becoming a vampire. But, will Bonnie or anybody else be able to bring Elena back to the land of the living?

Watch the trailer here:

Catch The Vampire Diaries S4 starting on 20 October at 22:30 on M-Net Series.

22 October - The Good Wife S4

Alicia Florrick made a promise and she will do anything to uphold that promise, even if Will is still the love of her life.

Returning for a smashing fourth season, the legal drama promises more deceit and drama than ever before.

Watch the trailer here:

Don't miss The Good Wife S4 starting 22 October at 20:30 on M-Net.

26 October - American Horror Story: Asylum

After issuing a whole range of teaser clips for the new season of American Horror Story, here is what we know.

The story won't be heading back to the haunted house, but will instead play out in the 1970s at an asylum.

With familiar characters reprising new roles, we can't wait to see what crazy stuff will go down this season.

Watch the trailer here:

Don't forget to watch American Horror Story: Asylum starting on 26 October at 21:30 on M-Net Series.

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