12 questions with Generations’s Dalton Ashikoto

2017-11-13 16:42

For all his fame, Namibian-born actor Dalton Ashikoto remains largely an enigma.

So put an end to the mystery that us Dalton, Drum caught up with him and got to know him a little better.

He’s quite musical.

I have a piano at home. I won’t even call myself a musician but I can find my way around progression chords and what have you.

He had his first kiss at the age of 15.

I was in boarding school. I was around 15 years old going on 16. After kissing her, electricity and butterflies happened in my body. I ran from the laundry house where (we were) straight to my hostel.

He believes in flirting.

Yes, I do. Flirting is the spice of life.

In my mind I’m flirting with . . .

I don’t flirt in mind, I flirt for real. Anyway, I’m flirting with Angela Bassett, Halle Berry and Gabrielle Union among others.

I can’t go a day without . . .

Apart from my phone? I can’t go a day without warm water, ginger and lemon.

Kenny G or Kirk Whalum?

Jimmy Dludlu any day! He’s my guy. On Sundays I could just play all his albums.

iOS or Android?

iOS. The quality of these devices is amazing. I don’t like the restrictions that they have, but the quality is amazing. iTunes is the best invention ever.

Red or white wine?

Fine Scotch whisky anytime. Double Scotch whisky on the rocks.

Everything in moderation, but . . .

Sports cars. I love sports cars. It’s my weakness – my stupid investments.

His childhood celebrity crush is . . .

Connie Ferguson. I used to have such a huge crush on her. Shucks, she’s gonna kill me for saying this. I used to watch her on Generations. It’s a pity she’s not on the show anymore.

He’s fluent in Afrikaans.

The same way Afrikaaners imposed Afrikaans on South Africans is the same way they forced us to learn the language in Namibia.

He’s a doting dad.

I have two kids. My son is 20 and my daughter is 16. My son is already in the UK playing soccer in an academy.

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