13 reasons why we're still watching Supernatural

2018-09-20 14:50
Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in Supernatural.

Cape Town - I'm not going to lie, I've broken up with Supernatural a few times in our 12 year relationship. There have been seasons where the plot has dragged its feet and it's been a chore. And then other times it's just been on fire. Yes, 13 seasons later, Sam and Dean Winchester are still saving people and hunting things.

Supernatural season 13 airs exclusively on M-Net City (DStv 115) Saturdays at 21:00.

Here are 13 reasons why we're still tuning in.

1. How is it going to end?!

To be completely honest the Number 1 reason I'm still watching this show is because I've invested 12 years into it, and I'll be damned if I'm going to have wasted all that time. Also, I really need to know how this story ends. 

How much more can these boys take? Honestly, they've been to hell and back. Quite literally. From Sam being locked in hell with Lucifer and Dean being stuck in limbo, I've actually lost count of how many times they've died and come back from the dead. I just need them to have a happy ending!


2. The Boys

Because this is a CW show, it's obviously a prerequisite that the leads are gorgeous as heck! And while the eye candy is always appreciated, it's my love for the characters that keep dragging me back to them. The way they fiercely protect their loved ones, the fact that after 12 years they still haven't given up yet and the fact that despite it all they still make me laugh.


3. The Impala

I've loved this car from the start. The 1967 Chevy Impala a character in it's own right and just so flipping beautiful. In fact, it had a whole episode dedicated to it from the viewpoint of the Impala in season 12.


4. Castiel

The inclusion of the angel who just doesn't understand the human world was one of the best things to happen to the show. My favourite thing Castiel ever did was to stand on the side of the road and shout at Dean that "the voice says I'm out of minutes". Followed closely by the time he pretends to be FBI Agent by the name of Beyoncé. Ever since his introduction he's been a source of comedic relief. He's innocence and absolute naivety is endearing and downright hilarious.


5. Family

Family is everything to the Winchester brothers. It's a strong theme running through the show from its inception. Sam and Dean have such a strong bond, they'll go to the ends of the Earth for each other. And that goes for their hunter family too. Jody Mills is like a second mother to the boys and it's always fun to see them get a home cooked meal.


6. Lucifer

The devil is both handsome and hilarious. Yes, he's up to shenanigans and is nursing old wounds from eons ago. But he's just so sassy!


7. Mother Mary

Season 12 saw the return of the boys’ mother, Mary and she is a badass! Her family were the original hunters and how John Winchester got into the family business. She's an accomplished hunter herself and is currently stuck traipsing around an alternate reality with Lucifer which right now is the best part of season 13.


8. Special Episodes

Supernatural always has a couple of fun episodes throughout the seasons. From black and white classic horror film homage or that time Archangel Gabriel transported them to a dimension where they experienced life as different TV show genres; it's always a fun time. Season 13's special episode is an animated one with Scooby Doo.


9. Crowley

Okay, yes, Crowley is dead. But is he really? The answer on Supernatural is "maybe". No one ever really dies on this show. I mean, Bobby died 6 seasons ago and we're still seeing him pop up. The King of Hell eventually became one the boys’ favourites even though he was constantly trying to undermine them.


10. Show me the funny

Despite the heart wrenching drama, the gore and utter despair, these guys somehow have managed to maintain a sense of humour. This show is sassy and funny at the best of times. 


11. Turning ideas on their head

Supernatural has its own idea about monsters that we're all familiar with like werewolves, vampires and sirens. But the creatures that they’ve put the biggest twist on are Angels. Angels are NOT peaceful y'all! This is not your Touched by an Angel variety of angel. These are warrior Angels that have no qualms about killing.


12. So meta

The best thing that Supernatural does is make fun of itself.  One of my favourite episodes was when they broke the fourth wall and went to parallel universe where they star in a show called Supernatural and their real names were Jared and Jensen. Also, the Prophet Chuck is ridiculous and writes best-selling books about the boys called Supernatural much to their annoyance.


13. Carry on my wayward son

The feels when this song plays in the beginning of every season finale! It's probably the reason I see a season through to the end. The classic rock in this show is a joy in every episode. A welcome break from the pop music found on most other TV shows.


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