5 dark and twisted things to watch on Friday the 13th on ShowMax

2016-05-13 14:56

Johannesburg - Friggatriskaidekaphobia. Yes, somehow that is actually a real word. And it’s the fear of Friday the 13th. Just pause for a moment and try to pronounce that: Frigga-tri-skaideka-phobia. 
Welcome back. It’s the unluckiest day of the year. And while victims of friggatriskaidekaphobia have barricaded themselves in their burrows, others celebrate this day by watching the best supernatural shows and movies out there. And we’re here to help.
So here are five shows to get your pulse racing this Friday the 13th.
True Blood

In the not-too-distant future, vampires have come out of the coffin. Thanks to the invention of mass-produced synthetic blood, these oft-maligned creatures of the night no longer need a human fix – and as a result can walk freely, if not yet comfortably, among their living counterparts. Can a young Louisiana waitress buck conventional wisdom to forge a love match with a 173-year-old vampire?

For centuries, two races have evolved hidden deeply within human culture – the aristocratic, sophisticated vampires, and the brutal, feral lycans. To humanity, their existence is no more than a whisper of a myth. But to each other, they are the lifelong mortal rivals, sworn to wage a secret war until only one race is left standing.
Van Helsing

Superstar Hugh Jackman is Van Helsing, the fabled 19th century monster hunter who travels to distant and dangerous lands on his quest to vanquish evil. He must battle classic villains Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and the Wolf Man. All of whom return to the silver screen for this epic and dark horror adventure.
The Vampire Diaries

Think you know vampires? You don't. Neither does Elena, but she's about to. Because the Salvatore brothers are two vampires battling for the soul of the mortal teenaged girl.  
Teen Wolf      

Scott's a young high school sophomore who has always been on the outside looking in. No girlfriend, bad at sports and socially awkward. But a single wolf bite transforms this average Joe to anything but ordinary - life for Scott will never be the same again.   

For those keen to get their binge on, all the above shows are available at ShowMax.com

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