8 grown-up animated comedies

2018-12-16 11:07
adventure time

Cape Town - Teens and adults, here are the funniest, most irreverent cartoons on internet TV for your low-maintenance, easy-watching binge sessions this long weekend.

1. Adventure Time (Showmax)

Finn and Jake are the heroes of Ooo, a land filled with quests and monsters to be vanquished. Whether it's the evil Ice King or doing an errand for the lovely Princess Bubblegum, there is always a new adventure waiting for them.

2. The Regular Show (Showmax) 

Mordecai wants to do a good job as a groundskeeper, but he's lazy. Rigby, his pal, is always looking for trouble - and trouble is what they find. How these guys aren't fired yet is anyone's guess...

3. Samurai Jack S5 (Showmax) 

In the stunning fifth and final season of this action-packed animation, Samurai Jack must battle shape-shifting demon Aku and fight his internal demons after being cast 50 years into the future.

4. South Park S19-22 (Showmax) 

The multi-award-winning animation created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone returns for another season that pokes fun at politics, pop-culture and everything in between. This cartoon is strictly for grown-ups.

5. Our Cartoon President boxset (DStv Now) 

Nothing is sacred and no one is safe in this political satire that takes a look at the everyday life of the US President. This hysterical show is based on a recurring segment from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

6. Big Mouth S1-2 (Netflix) 

In Season 1 of this raunchy cartoon, Andrew is discovering that going through puberty is a messy business as he falls under the spell of the Hormone Monster, while his best friend Nick struggles with the opposite - the lack of changes in his own body. Season 2 introduces the Shame Wizard to deal with Andrew’s mortifying encounter with his crush.

7. Disenchantment (Netflix) 

In this madcap medieval quest from Matt Groening, hard-drinking Princess Bean, her feisty elf companion Elfo and personal demon Luci encounter all manner of sprites, ogres and human fools on their misadventures through the kingdom of Dreamland.

8. BoJack Horseman S1-5 (Netflix) 

Washed-up movie star BoJack decides it’s time for a comeback, so has to lift himself out of his quagmire of booze, drugs and women to try and remake his name in Hollywood. But his human sidekick and feline agent aren’t as confident in his ability to reinvent his loathsome self.

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