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8 super-sleuths on internet TV

2018-04-29 16:00

Cape Town - These investigators are ordinary people with extraordinary powers. Whether they rely on their superhuman intuition, their years of experience or good old dogged determination to get to the bottom of a mysterious crime, they never let the perp get the better of them. You’ll find them in these addictive series on internet TV, which make up the perfect binge-watch playlist for your long weekend.

1. Harry Bosch: Bosch, S1-4 (Showmax)

Author Michael Connelly created Hieronymus Bosch in his bestselling crime novels and Titus Welliver brings him to life in this intense, highly bingeable crime series. Bosch is a homicide detective in the Hollywood division of the LAPD, and, in each season, he investigates cases that seem impossible to crack - from the long-ago violent death of a child who was buried in a shallow grave to the assassination of a lawyer who was about to bring a civil case against the LAPD. The brand-new Season 4 of Bosch comes first and only to Showmax.

2. Detective Robin Griffin: Top of the Lake, S1-2 (Showmax)

Elisabeth Moss plays Detective Robin Griffin in her first Golden Globe-winning role. Griffin is a child protection specialist based in Sydney who gets tasked with investigating the case of a pregnant 12-year-old girl in her remote hometown in New Zealand - but once she arrives, she finds that her past just won’t let her go. And then the girl vanishes into thin air. In Season 2, Griffin is back in Sydney and put on the case of a dead girl whose body was stuffed into a suitcase and thrown into the sea. The body holds devastating secrets about the lives of vulnerable women in Sydney’s underground.

3. Julien Baptiste: The Missing, S1-2 (Showmax)

French detective Julien Baptiste is, in both seasons of this BBC miniseries, the only hope for families whose children have gone missing. In Season 1, young British boy Olive Hughes goes missing in France while on holiday with his parents, and it isn't until eight years later, when his father sees an image of another child wearing Ollie's scarf on TV, that Baptiste realises there may be a chance of finding him. In Season 2, a missing girl surfaces more than a decade after her disappearance, and Baptiste is the only person who suspects that she's not who she says she is...

4. Eva Thornblad: Jordskott, S1-2 (Showmax)

This spooky Swedish thriller is first and only on Showmax. It centres on detective and expert negotiator Eva Thornblad, whose daughter Josefine went missing seven years previously while they were on a picnic together in a forest close to Eva’s hometown. When Eva returns to the town to take care of family business, she finds out that a young boy has gone missing in the exact same spot - so she starts to investigate his disappearance. Will this new case hold any clues to the mysterious vanishing of her own daughter?

5. G Callen and Sam Hanna: NCIS: LA (DStv Now)

The first spin-off of NCIS is so successful that it is currently in its ninth season, which you can binge on on DStv Now. LL Cool J stars as Sam Hanna and Chris O’Donnell plays G Callen, both undercover agents with the elite Office of Special Projects in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. In Season 9. Hetty, the veteran undercover agent who took Callen off the streets and recruited him for the OSP, has been captured, and it’s up to Callen, Sam and the team to rescue her in one of their most dangerous operations ever.

6. KJ Harper: Seven Seconds (Netflix)

She’s not a cop, but she’s investigating the death of a young boy in a hit and run in her capacity as district attorney. KJ Harper has a drinking problem, and a career problem - she’s uninspired by her job and knows that she doesn’t exactly exude confidence. But when she’s handed the case file of the boy who was left for dead in the snow after being hit while riding his bicycle, she realises immediately that things don’t add up. The cops’ chief suspect couldn’t have committed the crime - which leads her to wonder, what could the cops be hiding?

7. Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock (Netflix)

Set in modern-day London, this multi-award-winning mystery series sees Holmes, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, consulting to the police when they’re stuck with a crime without any leads, and Watson, played impeccably by Martin Freeman, is an ex-military doctor who has very little time for Holmes’s cleverness or his arrogance … but is intrigued by the thrill of the chase.

8. Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, John Moore and Sara Howard: The Alienist (Netflix)

The psychological thriller set in 1896 stars Luke Evans, Dakota Fanning and Daniel Brühl. Newly appointed police commissioner Teddy Roosevelt calls upon Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, a criminal psychologist and newspaper illustrator John Moore to conduct the investigation into the gruesome murders of boy prostitutes in New York City. The pair are joined by Roosevelt's headstrong secretary Sara Howard. 

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