Adventurer Bear Grylls coming to SA

2012-02-02 13:07
Thinus Ferreira
Cape Town – Bear Grylls, The Discovery Channel's intrepid eat-anything, slide-down-everything, try-and-survive-anywhere star is coming to South Africa.

He will be in Gauteng on Friday February 10 to inspire fans with some of his real-life experiences and share some of his worldwide adventures.

South Africans will likely flock to hear the adventurer of the highly popular Ultimate Survival show on The Discovery Channel talk about his life.

Grylls will be here for only one day on his way to Zimbabwe to film an episode.

The popular British explorer-adventurer is set to dazzle with stories of close encounters at two separate events - a corporate function at Emperors Palace and a family evening at St Alban's College in Pretoria billed as "One Wild Night – Legendary Ultimate Survivor: Bear Grylls".

The most popular personality on The Discovery Channel is a big hit with both South African adults and children. Rudi Bryson, organiser of Bear Grylls' one-day visit, confirmed to Channel24 that the star is definitely here next Friday and said it was very hard to get him.

"It was very hard. We've worked on it for a year now. With Bear Grylls' time restraints it was simply not possible for him to visit South Africa last year. Then he called and said he's going to Zimbabwe to do some filming and do we still want to have him and I said yes, absolutely.

"Bear is going to do a motivational talk at the corporate lunch. He will talk about his many experiences and all about his remarkable life for about 40 to 50 minutes and then there will be a question and answer session.

Then for the family event later that evening at St Alban's College it will be basically the same and he'll sign autographs."

Bryson said the reaction to Grylls' visit so far has been phenomenal.

"The corporate lunch is selling very quickly, there are still a few spaces left. I think people know that this is an exclusive and a once-in-a-lifetime experience to meet a real-life hero. Also for kids, for any kid, he's a great role model."


  • The-third - 2012-02-02 13:12

    Well that's that then.

  • Marius - 2012-02-02 13:22

    So he is going to try and survive in Joburg. Should make for fascinating TV!

  • Brendon Alberts - 2012-02-02 13:28

    Surviving in zim. Awesome : land grabs,no food,zanu-pf,the bob squad,corruption. This will be interesting. LMFAO

  • Dax - 2012-02-02 13:37

    My house mates and I love shouting 'EAT IT!'at the TV every time Bear Grylls picks up a rock, stick, grub, jumps off a waterfall or basically anything that is patently ridiculous because he basically does eat everything. Would love to hear him talk. He must have some great stories.

  • Hugh - 2012-02-02 13:40

    Survival in Zimbabwe, who could have guessed?

  • Shalin - 2012-02-02 13:43

    Time to whip out the piss :P

  • renejupp - 2012-02-02 13:54

    Why not Cape Town? :(

      Noxville - 2012-02-02 14:14

      Cape Town does not call for conditions where he needs to drink his own piss. Gauteng, on the other hand, can get a bit rough - just like Bear likes it.

  • Wayne Woodman - 2012-02-02 14:24

    Why can't Bear come to Cape Town :( Would go see that guy over any celeb! Big up Bear!

  • dale.fourie1 - 2012-02-02 14:47

    make him come to Cape Town Plllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bizarro.jerri - 2012-02-02 16:03

    Bear Grylls coming to South Africa? Better drink my own p*ss...

  • Lunga - 2012-02-02 16:24

    I'm so excited I could drink my own p...

  • deon.dussing - 2012-02-08 13:28

    where can we get tickets?

  • Gail - 2012-02-14 14:25

    We went and it was pathetic to say the least. I have never come across such a badly planned event! It was pouring with rain and guess what - the event was on the field at St Albans - no marquee or bedouin tents whatsoever. Do you see anything in the above advert stating it was an Outdoor Event? After some pathetic talk by a youngster, we had to listen to that little wimp from Highveld. OMG! Anyway when Bear eventually came on at 20h30, he was clearly a little irritated by the fact that he had been originally asked to speak to a small gathering of people and had come on stage to approx. 1800 people! He made no bones about telling us this - and you cant blame him. Discovery would have a total fit! He was on stage for a total of 15 - 20 minutes doing a Q&A then rushed off. I am in the Industry and will ensure that none of my clients EVER use Rudi Bryson Events. P.S : I would LOVE to know what all the money paid by the attendees will be used for as RBP took a moment to plugg his 'Save the Rhino' Badges of which only a small portion will go to actually saving the Rhino. And we all know how much the bracelet costs to make - talk about extortion and greed!

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