BBC staff training for queen's death

2011-11-02 22:26
London - British newsreaders are being given training on how to announce the death of Queen Elizabeth.

The BBC's college of journalism has been showing staff mock videos featuring broadcaster Huw Edwards breaking the news that the monarch has passed away.

A source told the Sunday Times newspaper: "Like all news providers, the BBC has plans in place.

"We provide training to ensure that staff understand what would be expected."

Proper attire

BBC chiefs are said to hope the training will avoid a repeat of the 2002 faux pas which saw Peter Sissons announce the Queen Mother's death dressed in a grey suit with a burgundy tie, prompting numerous complaints, contrasting their coverage against rival network ITV, whose presenters wore traditional black tie attire to break the sad news.

The BBC has since changed its policy and male reporters will be instructed to wear dark suits and white shirts with black ties as a mark of respect.

The broadcaster will also make changes to the schedule in the event of the queen's death.

Following the announcement, the national anthem will be aired while screens display a picture of the monarch.

Her funeral would be expected to take place 12 days after her death and in that time the network would suspend the broadcast of all comedy shows.


  • cjopperman - 2011-11-02 22:43

    Let's hope that day doesn't come soon.

  • boipelotmokwele - 2011-11-03 05:31

    she looks mean!!!...LOL

      cilla.webster1 - 2011-11-03 09:06

      She has more dignity and manners than most of you would ever know. How she looks is irrelevant to her amazing heart. That is the trouble with people today - they go by looks. How shallow.

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