Bachelor discrimination case dismissed

2012-10-16 08:37
Nashville, Tennessee - A federal judge on Monday dismissed a case filed by two black men who claimed ABC's reality dating shows, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, discriminated against casting participants of colour.

US District Court Judge Aleta Trauger's ruling states that casting decisions by the TV network and the series' producers are protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech and the case should not continue.

Nathaniel Claybrooks and Christopher Johnson sued ABC in April, claiming their bids to appear on The Bachelor were never given serious consideration. They claimed the show and its spinoff The Bachelorette discriminated against non-white participants.

Trauger's ruling calls the plaintiffs' efforts "laudable" but says the lawsuit is aimed at regulating the show's content, which is forbidden under the First Amendment.

Rights protected

"Ultimately, whatever messages The Bachelor and The Bachelorette communicate or are intended to communicate — whether explicitly, implicitly, intentionally, or otherwise — the First Amendment protects the right of the producers of these shows to craft and control those messages, based on whatever considerations the producers wish to take into account," Trauger wrote.

ABC lauded the ruling, saying: "We felt from the onset this case was completely without merit and we are pleased the Court has found in our favour."

An email sent to attorney Byron Perkins, who represented Claybrooks and Johnson, was not immediately returned.

At the time of the lawsuit's filing, all of the men given star billing in the first 16 seasons of The Bachelor were white. Through seven seasons of The Bachelorette, two male Hispanic contestants were selected winners and the rest were white.


  • karin.lore.5 - 2012-10-16 09:39

    Just another attempt at getting money without having to work for it and hide behind the "racism" crap to get "free money". So damn typical. I'm glad the case was dismissed and they did not get a cent!

      chez.kri - 2012-10-16 10:13

      If that is the case, why then has there NEVER been a black contestant on the show? Coincedence? Really? You think racism isn't alive and well and thriving in Nashville of all places? Funny that you talk about them wanting money and it being "typical". That means its ok to be racist (which you CLEARLY are) but its not ok to point it out to you? Potsa and kettles deary, pots and kettles!

  • julie.vanniekerk.3 - 2012-10-16 09:54

    What about Big Brother? Allways blacks from all over Africa here in our country in the Big Brother House, doing buggerall besides eating. Do you hear whites complaining?

      stirrer.stirrer - 2012-10-16 11:25

      No. The whites just don't watch shyte like that.

      chez.kri - 2012-10-16 15:18

      And what to the white contestents in Big Brother do? Grow vegetables, clean, build a braai??? Good grief, you really should not be in an African country with so much hatred in your soul. I hear there are no black people in Iceland, why don't you go there?

  • Sharon - 2012-10-16 10:09

    Will they be "victims" until the end of time?

  • chez.kri - 2012-10-16 15:15

    It is ironic that the comments here are all complaining about "them" when all the comments are racist too. The fact in this story is that out of about 299 contestants, all but 2 were white. It doesn't matter how you all feel about black people (a feeling you unashamedly make very clear), the figures indicate a lack of interest in using black people in the show. hate "them" all you like, the facts are there for all to see.

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