Big Brother loser gets cheque from Mugabe

2010-10-22 14:59
Harare - Munyaradzi Chidzonga just lost out to Nigeria's Uti Nwachukwu, who won the official $200 000 prize from the show that locks contestants from around the continent in a house.

But on Wednesday, the 24-year-old received a $300 000 cheque from President Robert Mugabe, state media said.

The money was collected through a campaign spearheaded by Harare businessman Phillip Chiyangwa, a relative and close ally of the veteran ruler, who reportedly thought the voting on the show was unfair.

Mugabe a fan
It's not clear if 86-year-old Mugabe himself actually watched the show.

"I didn't think you would survive because you looked so young, perhaps the youngest of them all," Mugabe told Munyaradzi as he handed over the cheque.

"It was Nigeria versus Zimbabwe and Nigeria is a very big country, so you deferred to Nigeria. But both of you won and from our point of view, for us, you were the winner."

However, some people said the awarding of the money was a case of misplaced priorities in a country that struggles to pay teachers their meagre salaries of around $150 a month.

"Once again, we are the masters of misplaced priorities," one Shamba Shambamuto wrote in a letter to the privately owned News Day.

"If we can give this contestant a whopping $300 000, then surely we can do for our suffering masses who live in perpetual hunger, sickness and economic marginalisation."


  • W Mukori - 2010-10-23 15:08

    Mugabe and his ruling elite, the likes of Philip Chiyangwa really live in a world of their own!

  • Oluwatoyin - 2010-10-25 21:21

    I am happy that my country Nigeria is ignoring the rantings of Mugabe. Uti and Munya entered the show as individuals and not selected by their countries to enter the show. Zimbabwe has a right to "dash" its citizen money. Nigeria should also reserve the right not to give aid to a country snobbed by Western powers and locked out of several international bodies. Zimbabwe's leaders unfortunately don't know where their priorities lie. I would suggest the same largesse be extended to Bertha (BBA 2)and Itai (BBA 4). They must be feeling very bad now. Was Munya better than them? Of course not. Uti Nwachukwu remains the official winner of BBA All Stars (BBA 5). Nothing will change that.

      Morishe - 2010-10-31 00:55

      Hi Oluwatoyin, you make some valid points about the idea of this whole thing being an individual quest - noted. Do you not agree though that Zimbabwe should be granted the right to support an individual citizen that represented his country 'well' - in their judgement? Right or wrong, I don't believe Zim should be persecuted for singling out one of its 'ambassadors' and compensating him for what they feel was an unjustly / unfortunate loss. As I said, some valid points, but you should be careful of nationalising support for an individual, by private business men, to issues that need to be addressed on a national level. Wrong or right, its not our place to slander a whole country based on a choice of a few individuals. Similarly to the issue of Uti continuing in a game that persues a quest for money even after the unfortunate news of losing his father - why is it that no one slanders his individual actions for making that choice? I may even be quoted as being insensitive for making reference to this but I believe it shouldn't go unnoticed if we're going to scrutinise finer details of people surrounding the whole win/loss getup from BBA Allstars. I reserve my views on both Zim and Uti's choice to stay in the game, all I'm saying is if we're going to toss stones at glass houses and expect to see cracks... lets examine the chips on the glass on our own camp first - its only fair. Mo'-JHB

  • C_S - 2011-08-02 17:48

    was it zimbabwean dollars?

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