Britney Spears a 'fearless' judge

2012-06-29 22:38
Los Angeles - Simon Cowell believes Britney Spears is a "fearless" X Factor  judge.

The Toxic  singer joined the judging panel of the show alongside Demi Lovato following Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger's exit after one series, and the music mogul claims Britney is excellent because she is not swayed by anyone else's opinion.

He said: "Britney is fearless. She has no qualms about turning down a contestant.

"To get a, 'No' out of Paula, as you know, was like getting blood out of a stone because she didn't want to be unpopular.

"Britney will turn people down even if 4 000 people are going crazy about the contestant."

Simon - who left the UK version of the show to set up a US adaptation - also praised Demi, who he finds often gangs up with Britney.

He added to "When the two of them get together and me and LA Reid want someone to go through, these two, they gang up. And that's what happens when you put two girls together!"

The second season of the US X Factor  will premiere on 12 September in the US.


  • Preshen - 2012-06-30 08:35

    If somebody throws panties at Britney Spear will she wear them?

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