Clifton Shores hunk keen to take it off

2012-09-04 14:19
Thinus Ferreira
Cape Town – South Africa's latest reality TV hunk says he isn't shy to take off his shirt – and viewers of Clifton Shores on Vuzu will see the South African Brett Roux from tonight – and henceforth – often going shirtless.

The Men's Health cover guy, whom viewers will see a lot more of after the show's third episode, told Channel24: "I'm a healthy person and I'm not shy to take my shirt off at the beach.

"It would be weird if I was on Clifton rocking a turtle neck. But I don't enjoy having to "show abs" at press conference.

"That's extremely awkward and I really don't want to be 'that guy'," he said.

Roux wasn't 'chosen' like the girls moving to a Clifton mansion to work for Quinton van der Burgh's Quintessential events company.

He got pulled onto the show by accident. This coincidence will cause a lot of drama when a romance starts to blossom due to romantic entanglements in the reality show set in Cape Town's most exclusive enclave of sun, sea and surf.

Mostly shirtless

While the producers worked Roux into the unfolding storyline, they were determined to show him shirtless as often as possible.

"During filming it was a big joke in the production team and with the cast to get my shirt off, so I was mostly 'gently persuaded', he said, adding that he thinks he "certainly wouldn't stand out on a Cape Town beach".

"Claire and I have known each other for ages, so when shooting started on Clifton Shores, she asked me and a few of her friends to join the odd events that the girls from Quintessential were hosting.

"I'm passionate about South Africa, so was happy to jump on board with a TV show that's showcasing our amazing country to the world."

Roux, who calls himself "a giant four year old who can't stay still for very long", is a music promoter and also became involved with the Clifton Shores' title track.

"I had my first date with one of the girls on the show … on Clifton … during summer … with 15 production guys all watching. I'm not ashamed to say I turned to a bottle of fine sparkling wine and grew myself a personality. I was very nervous."

SA vs US girls

Interacting with the American girls and how they differ from South African girls, Roux said "the biggest thing I noticed was ability to panic.

"South Africans are far more relaxed. The American girls freak out easily – food, bugs, hair, rooms, driving, guys … everything is expressed in a big way.

"I think South African girls process things more before they communicate it. Kathy was hilarious and brought us hours of entertainment. Kathy is honestly a really sweet girl, but zero filter."

Clifton Shores airs on Vuzu (DStv channel 123) on Tuesdays at 21:00.


  • janine.wilson.560 - 2012-09-04 23:46

    You are so hot , my flat door is open for you all night long mmmm

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