'Cloud of depravity' looms over SABC

2013-04-15 14:32
Thinus Ferreira
Cape Town – "A perpetual dark cloud of depravity, ineptitude, self-interest and corruption looms large over the SABC," the trade union Media Workers Association of South Africa (Mwasa) said in a strongly worded statement on Friday.

In a "rediffusion" meeting the SABC's top executives held with SABC staff on Thursday, workers at the beleaguered public broadcaster were asked that "all staff put all hands on deck, to adhere to issues of corporate governance and that they focus on productivity and efficiencies in the organisation".

Following the meeting, Mwasa said in a statement that "tortured and abused employees have kept the SABC on air" and that once again "calls are made to long-suffering employees to put all hands on deck and to bouy or sustain another trampoline for the shenanigans at decision-making levels far removed from their daily chores".

'Stabilise the SABC'

Mwasa added that the SABC's new interim board, the embattled SABC's second interim board in four years, "will achieve less than nothing" if staff are not incorporated "in all aspects of finding sustainable strategy solutions to the pervasive challenges crippling the SABC".

"There is immense boadcasting experience wealth, talent and skill in and around the SABC which must be recognised and generously tapped into," Mwasa said.

The SABC has "hobbled along for over a decade without effective oversight structures" and that the trade union fears that the SABC might end up being placed under administration.

Meanwhile the new chairperson of the interim SABC board, Zandile Tshabalala, said the interim board’s priority is to "stabilise" the SABC. 

"I think the concern for the public is valid that the SABC has had two board changes in one term which is an anomaly," said Tshabalala.


  • Vaughan Lund - 2013-04-15 14:55

    Ummm, tell us something new. This is at the end of the day a South African government run parastatal. If it had no corruption that would be news...

  • Parys Fotograaf - 2013-04-15 17:41

    Close up shop or sell the whole caboodle off, that is the only think that makes sense.

      Gerasimos Komnenus - 2013-04-15 19:03

      Who wants to buy a huge labour catastrophe, money losing, over-inflated broken business? The same thing will happen with the rest of the institutions the ANC have laid their hands on. It is no longer a debate about apartheid or racism its about actual proof that the ANC have failed.....dismally to the embarrassment of their supporters and all SA citizens in general. Its only going to get worse hahahahahahahaha.

  • Gerasimos Komnenus - 2013-04-15 18:53

    SABC is a microcosm of what is happening in SA at the hands of the ANC. Bloggers are not running down the SABC the SABC is running down itself. Have they repaired the burnt out studio yet? A main source of income in ruins for months now. ANC and its idiot cadres cant run anything. This is not politics its just plain incompetence. So eat humble pie and let competent people run SA or live with the pigs!

  • Stinky Spice - 2013-04-15 20:19

    Pathetic. Doesn't matter what parastatal or whatever, just fingers in the cookie jar. Take, take if you can get your hands on the mullah. Thieves !

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