DStv, M-Net, e.tv also ban Nando's ad

2012-06-05 15:47
Thinus Ferreira
Cape Town – MultiChoice's DStv channels and M-Net, as well as e.tv, have now all jumped on the bandwagon to ban the latest Nando's TV commercial which delivers a strong message to South Africans about xenophobia.

DStv, e.tv and M-Net, which previously aired the new advert but which the SABC banned, all say they will suddenly no longer show it.

DStv said the advert "could be deemed offensive" and e.tv claims that the commercial "trivialised" xenophobia.

"Whilst we understand that the commercial is a parody, we are not convinced that all our viewers will interpret it in the way intended," Chris Hitchings, CEO of DStv Media Sales told Channel24.

DStv Media Sales is the commercial advertising arm which books TV commercials for MultiChoice's DStv channels and M-Net.

"We have a responsibility not to broadcast material that could be deemed offensive to our viewers and we have exercised our rights in this regard."

Strong message

e.tv also ceased airing the Nando's ad from Tuesday in which basically all of South Africa's residents disappear, leaving a lone Khoisan who says he was in South Africa first.

The advert, which showcases two new products on Nando's "diverse" menu, has a strong message against xenophobia and says the company celebrates diversity in all its forms.

"e.tv decided last night to suspend the airing of the Nando's xenophobia advertisement," Monde Twala, e.tv's head of channels told Channel24 on Tuesday. 

"e.tv respects creativity and the channel has previously flighted advertisements that have been rejected by other broadcasters.

"In evaluating the advertisement, e.tv came to the conclusion that it trivialised xenophobia which remains a sensitive and volatile issue in South Africa. e.tv reserves the right, at any time, to withdraw a commercial from the channel on grounds of taste or legality," he said.

Watch the Nando's diversity ad here.


  • Barefoot - 2012-06-05 15:54

    after seeing the comments after SABC pulled it I'd really love to see the comments now. lol

      JohncarlosBiza - 2012-06-05 16:06

      Lol! I don' lke or watch the SABC, but their reasions for banning it seemed valid enough from their perspective and all the conspiracies from the subsequent commens seemed far-fetched. It's an interesting ad though and I hope it goes viral online. It's rare fpr a company to tell South Africans to get over themselves.

      Barefoot - 2012-06-05 16:17

      the idea behind the ad is brilliant we could use some comic relief, much like the savana ad's but they are just hilarious

      georg.potgieter - 2012-06-05 16:23

      Political correctness is often the cancer of this society.

      eric.west.984 - 2012-06-05 17:08

      They can't stand the truth. i.e. the fact that blacks are not the original inhabitants/owners of this country, despite all the propaganda!

      pushka.vladovic - 2012-06-05 17:22

      I have just wathched the ad and the only people who could possibly find it offensive would be narrow minded bigots like our government and it's supporters. DSTV and E are scared that somebody in the anc is going to threaten to pull advertising revenue from them. Unbelievably sad that we have come to this point in our so called "democracy" So all our media is now state controlled?? Shame on you DSTV and E-TV Shame

      Thabang - 2012-06-05 17:30

      I just spoke to one of my Nigerian friends and He likes the ad:-). Last time I spoke to him He was sending the ad by e-mail to His friends and family in Nigeria. Well done Nandos:-).Unifying the world.

      jimzimbo - 2012-06-05 17:30

      A sad admission the the SA TV audience are not mature enough to receive and interperate this message correctly....

      John - 2012-06-05 17:31

      Gosh! We've become such a sensitive country! Can't say anything nowadays without someone getting their panties in a twist! I suggest we all take part in a citizen-desensitising-programme. Let's all fart in public as often as possible! Beside getting people to cure constipation, maybe it will get them to start laughing again! We need laughter!!!

  • Karin - 2012-06-05 15:56

    bloody communist country'!

      Thabang - 2012-06-05 16:41

      I think you commented on the wrong topic. This is about the Nandos ad which was banned by different broadcasters. Just helping:-)

  • gareth.jones.7771 - 2012-06-05 15:56

    Yet DSTV still airs the justin bieber movie and idols. That's way more offensive.

      Christian J Denyschen - 2012-06-05 16:00

      Couldn't agree more lol.

      Bryan - 2012-06-05 16:20

      LOL@gareth.jones.... Seriously though, we are far to politically correct in this country... we need to learn to laugh at ourselves more!!

      Tuco - 2012-06-05 16:23

      Very true hey. Justin Bieber idols! yuk. its disgusting

  • chris.lategan - 2012-06-05 15:57


      Thabang - 2012-06-05 17:11

      Something tells me this ad mean since this is not our original country, expect Khois, we have no right to stop people from other countries coming into South Africa as they are foreigners like us.Makes sense:-). They must play this ad in Zimbabwe, Somalia and Nigeria.

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-06-05 15:57

    Yes and plz carry on showing strikers stuffing up everything on the news etc etc oh and combi taxis running over people on pavements etc etc.

  • Loo - 2012-06-05 16:00

    WATCH this space !!! Im sure they have the "other" version ready already Theyre brilliant

      Loo - 2012-06-05 16:00

      ** Sorry Im off to buy Nando's to make them feel better :)

      fzclarke - 2012-06-05 16:21

      I can't wait for the comeback!!!!!

  • cindy.deutschmann.5 - 2012-06-05 16:00

    all little scaredy cat wankers! If SA was a democracy we'd all be having a bloody good laugh at the ad

  • zaakiro - 2012-06-05 16:04

    Pussies....!!! Ban it for what...???? Maybe they should get with the program....someone should tell these companies of a site called You Tube...!! It's already out there....

  • wooshie72 - 2012-06-05 16:04

    It actually makes people realise how stupid Xenophobia in South Africa is and that the only true descendants of our beautiful country are the Khoi-San... so ahh let's pull it off TV.

      cindy.deutschmann.5 - 2012-06-05 16:10

      ja God forbid some-one should discover that the Khoi-San are actually the owners of the SA instead of the immigrants from the North (who like to claim they own the whole of SA and that every-one is beholden to them!)

      franklyn.davies.1 - 2012-06-06 18:20

      the truth hurts,they will rather settle for a good fantasy than reality.

  • Sagin - 2012-06-05 16:06

    there is no free press in south africa. the majority of people have no idea what is really going on and how sad our future looks. the anc keeps its own people uneducated for a reason. fools are easier to manipulate

  • avanwyk2 - 2012-06-05 16:07

    If they think it will be offensive to viewers then they must stop showing the news as well. Anyway the Koisan was first in SA before everyone else. I guess the government (Sabc) do not want the truth displayed on tv since they told the majority that they were here first. How dissappointing. It is generally black people that attack and kill foreigners not coloured people.

  • Loo - 2012-06-05 16:09

    LOL .. Striking a nerve will ALWAYS be controversial. M-net I guarantee you, did this out of fear of commercial boycotts .. I bet you the Editor in chief and CEO chuckle like kids when they look at the ad.

  • Gerhardus - 2012-06-05 16:09

    Rather ban the Lions games....

      gareth.jones.7771 - 2012-06-05 16:20

      Would have saved the sharks some embarrassment!

      Gerhardus - 2012-06-05 16:31

      yup, lol!

      johan.pienaar.319 - 2012-06-05 16:54

      Amen to that!

  • cliff.drysdale - 2012-06-05 16:12

    Who are these individuals to tell us what we can acnnot see. Surely that is the ASA's job?

      franklyn.davies.1 - 2012-06-06 18:23

      absolutely spot on cliff,these broadcasters are acting self appointed censors

  • Erna - 2012-06-05 16:13


  • pklass1 - 2012-06-05 16:14

    I don't see anything wrong with the ad, it includes most of the races! I find it intresting and funny...

      gareth.jones.7771 - 2012-06-05 16:19

      Not most, all!

  • Anakin - 2012-06-05 16:16

    I didn't even know about the ad...thx for highlighting it for us, will download it from the net if I can...in the interim I'll just continue to watch my own downloaded shows from uTorrent, since all the movies have just disappeared on SABC1/2/3 and even M-Net, replaced by endless revolving reality shows....yawn...

  • wesley.bischoff - 2012-06-05 16:17

    Sometimes the truth is offensive. I thought it's a brilliant ad

      MissXhosa Xhosa - 2014-09-05 12:27

      "The Welsh are really more Celtic and "British" than anyone else. The Irish originally were Celts from Spain, the Welsh were in Britain way before the Nordic English, which are almost Vikings really. Subject: Re: Why a lack of British identity in America? Written By: ElDuderino on 03/12/05 at 2:27 am" We are a new black race. Our eyes and ears are wide open. You can't treat us like you treated our ancestors, with lies and deceit. We are as much South African as the English are English. Do you ever discuss the fact that England really isn't their "home" as you all of the sudden are spreading a lie that we don't belong to SA. We carry KhoiSan blood in our veins. Your problem whites is your hate for others different to yourselves. You are as much savage as blacks fyi: World wars, the holocaust, slavery, Josef Fritzl and that Gauteng white man who tortured his family (I know there are many of you like the two I mentioned)

  • marko.miladinovic.52 - 2012-06-05 16:17

    That was a really good advert. I laughed. And at the end the the koi koi said 'I'm not going anywere, you found me here'. Hahahahahah.

  • Lee Lilith Van Coller - 2012-06-05 16:17

    again... just like the zuma painting the spear, by banning it and making an issue about it - it makes everyone want to see it more... thought we had a free country, where we can be ourselves, have different opinions and be proud of our own story. we should stop being so sensitive about everything, it only makes it worse.

      robqb - 2012-06-05 16:34

      Oh! you can, provided the opinions are about yourself an no one else, let alone the cANCer!

  • reyn.varkevisser - 2012-06-05 16:19

    pathetic, gmpff. humor no longer aloud in sa?

  • nigel.burgess.52 - 2012-06-05 16:20

    Very disappointing news indeed. Clever ad, good constructive message appropriate to all living in SA, and in particular those living under the terrible illusion that SA belongs exclusively to them - this ad explains why that is not the case. But OK, I guess the 'movement' didn't get it, or it struck a nerve. I wonder when Africa will grow up / catch up / ......

  • Jeanine - 2012-06-05 16:22

    I love this ad, it showcases the richness and diversity of OUR country. Why can't we just have fun and embrace our diversity in a comical way. Why do we always have to ban, and cry of a low self esteem as a nation. It's a real shame.

  • Vivvian - 2012-06-05 16:27

    Maybe Nandos will learn to be more creative. We can only guess how much of investors money have been put into this Ad. We want a diverse and accommodating c'try but there are better ways of doing it.

      Tommy - 2012-06-05 16:35

      Why, what was wrong with the add Vivvian. Was it because it reflects a bit of truth? If you actually concentrated during the add, you would have noticed that they embrace our diversity, hence introducing two new different flavors of chicken meals. Praat van oogklappe.

      nettie.potgieter.5 - 2012-06-05 17:29

      Vivvian you are one of the resones that this ad is unsuitable for SA.

  • Japana101 - 2012-06-05 16:31

    I think this time, they crossed the line. They pushed it too far. We all know who doesn't belong to SA, those who came and stole what is not theirs. No-one needs a misleading advert to know that. I mean to refer to Zimbabweans, just I offend some people, here! lol.

      gareth.jones.7771 - 2012-06-05 16:52

      The advert isn't misleading, it's based on pure historical fact.

      nigel.burgess.52 - 2012-06-05 17:10

      gareth.jones.7771 - When the facts don't quite gel with their dirty little agenda and propaganda, then they resort to denial and/or blaming it on white conspiracy etc etc. Same old pattern

  • bfvillet - 2012-06-05 16:33

    just saw the ad Nandos are doing more for this country in terms of unifying it than many of the politicians.I salute you and please dont stop.As for the political kommisars at the sabc etv and dstv we are not stupid let us decide for ourselves

  • cyril.t.peterson - 2012-06-05 16:36

    Just wait for the come-back Nando's will resurrect with! They probably anticipated such reactions, like their Santam-saga....

  • jaysonpaul.beckwith - 2012-06-05 16:44

    Saw the ad a few days ago. Awesome!! These tv channels are to chicken to broadcast it.

  • IWANTTO - 2012-06-05 16:48

    It seems that "freedom of speech" and artistic interpretation no longer exists inn this country!!!WTF!!!!!

  • dewaldj - 2012-06-05 16:50

    this ad is brilliant

  • Steve - 2012-06-05 16:53

    In saying that , "we are not sure if all of our viewers will interpret it as such"... ie as a parody..... are they inferring that some of the viewership is intellectually challenged ? I suspect they are just 'Chicken'

  • Renard De Souza - 2012-06-05 16:56

    Proper funny sh@t

  • Dakey - 2012-06-05 16:58

    Great advertising for Nando's. And everyone goes online to watch.

  • Ben - 2012-06-05 16:59

    What a pathetic country we live in that's suppose to be so liberal and democratic... Bah! Humbug! Just because it makes fun of the people that think they were here first....

  • Tokelo MediaOwner Fako - 2012-06-05 16:59

    Hehe funny \r\nPoof Poof everywhere..

  • malcolm.macleod.562 - 2012-06-05 16:59

    The idiots have taken over.

      MissXhosa Xhosa - 2014-09-05 12:54

      The English took over your land, language and brains. I hate the new ANC myself and I'm black, Xhosa to be precise. You people are as savage as us blacks just on a larger scale. I don't know how calling black people idiots achieves anything. Be specific when referring to a certain group of people. If you want to lash out at the ANC like the rest of us do so but don't call a whole race stupid. You're just as stupid you know? The English showed the Celtics just how stupid you people are. So now you're picking on the lesser opponent. If it makes you feel more of a person and if it restores your English-crushed ego, oh well.

  • lerato.kay.3 - 2012-06-05 17:00

    LOL am sure SABC had the last laugh. To all the geniuses who were calling SABC names I got a message for you - IN YOUR FACE !!

  • Vincent - 2012-06-05 17:00

    Ridiculously sensitive administration... Etv of all? Viva ANC viva. What's next?

  • Hugo - 2012-06-05 17:02

    some people simply dont want to listen!!!!

      nigel.burgess.52 - 2012-06-05 17:11

      Ian't that the truth!!

  • Darryl - 2012-06-05 17:04

    Well I'm glad someone deals with the serious issues in this country. It's not like the politicians do.

  • kevin.c.lee.39 - 2012-06-05 17:09

    Censorship Much?

  • frans.vanderpoll - 2012-06-05 17:10

    NOTHING wrong with this ad - you can't argue with history. Put a 18SNVL restriction on it- hahahaha!

  • giammep - 2012-06-05 17:10

    Is it just me or does nando's produce the best advertisements

  • shirley.steenkamp - 2012-06-05 17:11

    Its time South Africans developed a sense of humour!Unfortunately the truth hurts!

      MissXhosa Xhosa - 2014-09-05 12:34

      "In reality, my people have more right to the word British than the English(they invaded and took over, the Britons were there first, and the Anglos had the audacity to re-name them Welsh from old English world 'wealas'(foreigner) in their own homeland)! But am I complaining? No. Last time I checked, Ireland is part of the British Isles. Subject: Re: Why a lack of British identity in America? Written By: Full_House_Fan on 03/12/05 at 2:55 am" South Africa is much our home as England, the land the English stole from the Celtics, is the home of the English. We have KhoiSan blood running through our veins. Tribes fought amongst themselves, so? So did the European tribes, right in the Celtic land. People of different languages have always fought amongst themselves. If that makes us savage, I'm afraid whites are more savage: world wars, the holocaust, slavery, Josef Fritzl etc etc....... The truth is just like the English we also moved from somewhere. And just like them there's absolutely nowhere else we belong to but here our home. England is their home, South Africa is ours.

  • ahenriquesfernandes - 2012-06-05 17:17

    This country takes its self too seriously

  • nettie.potgieter.5 - 2012-06-05 17:20

    May be it is wise not to use this ad as very few SA will be able to understand is ad, like with the spear drollery

  • rossvonruben - 2012-06-05 17:21

    F'n pathetic! Anybody can see it is meant to be a parody! I cannot believe that this beautiful creativity is lost on the brainless inhabitants of this nation!!!!

  • phillip.meyer.56 - 2012-06-05 17:22

    Maybe all the channels think most South Africans is a Bunch of morons that don't understand humor.

  • Thabang - 2012-06-05 17:24

    Since many people are not happy that the ad was banned, we need to march to home affairs and tell them that South Africa should open its gates for all other foreigners like us. Be it from Africa, China, Europe, etc. Viiiiiiiiiiiva!!!!

      nigel.burgess.52 - 2012-06-05 17:30

      The gates were open years ago.

      Thabang - 2012-06-05 17:40

      Let's open them wider.

  • susan.dejager2 - 2012-06-05 17:26

    Usually when someone is so over sensitive it is because of a guilty conscience! So, who is trying to hide what?