DStv shakes up channels, launches more HD

2012-08-30 08:42
Thinus Ferreira
Cape Town – DStv is expanding its subscription satellite TV bouquet by adding a new set of high definition (HD) movie channels from October.

The new self-packaged movie channels in HD, provided to the DStv platform by M-Net, also means a channel number shake-up on DStv's channel line-up.

While the Universal Channel and Studio Universal channels are both being upgraded to HD from October, DStv is removing the M-Net Movies 1, M-Net Movies 2and M-Net HD channels.

They're being replaced by six new TV channels in HD for DStv Premium viewers: M-Net Movies Premiere, M-Net Movies Action+, M-Net Movies Family, M-Net Movies Comedy, M-Net Movies Drama & Romance, and M-Net Movies Showcase.

M-Net/M-Net HD to merge

The existing M-Net Movies Stars and M-Net Movies Action will remain as standard definition (SD) channels and be available to DStv Compact subscribers but will also be changing their look from October.

Two further TV channels – AfricaMagic Entertainment and AfricaMagic Movies – launched in April but since then only seen in the rest of Africa, will also be seen on DStv in South Africa from October as SD channels.

Where SD and HD versions of the same DStv TV channel already exist – for instance M-Net on channel 101 and M-Net HD on channel 170, those will now merge from October. DStv decoders will automatically show the HD version of a TV channel in the case of M-Net, Universal Channel and Studio Universal to relevant subscribers.

The HD channels upgrade and additions means that DStv will now have 14 HD channels in total from October.

The changes come as a result of MultiChoice's expanded capacity since the successful launch of the new Intelsat 20 (IS-20) satellite at the start of August giving the pay-TV platform a massive boost in broadband capacity, which makes more TV channels possible.

"We have made a significant investment in this satellite and we will continue to invest in new technology," said Collins Khumalo, CEO of MultiChoice South Africa.

He added that MultiChoice is already working on further new TV channels and that further innovation for the pay-TV provider is on the cards.

"We are really excited about the new satellite and the additional capacity that comes with it. We have reorganised channel numbers to improve the overall navigation experience and to ensure that the DStv platform is set up for future growth."

New channel numbers

Since the existing channel numbers for the block of movie channels have been used up and to make room for the current and future expansion, MultiChoice has decided to do a channel number change from October at the same time as making the new channels available.

The channel number block order on DStv will change as follows from October:
101 – 143: general entertainment channels with international content
144 – 169: general entertainment channels with local content
170 – 190: documentaries and lifestyle
191 – 195: free-to-air channels such as the SABC and e.tv
198 – 199: events channels
200 – onwards: SuperSport channels including SuperSport HD

The kids, music, news and religion genre blocks and their channel numbers remain unchanged.

*Are you excited about the changes? If not, what new channels would you have preferred? Send us your thoughts and get published!


  • djim.bie - 2012-08-30 08:59

    Please drop the Africa channels from by subscription and give me a better price, just taking up space on my PVR.

      fussed.anderson - 2012-08-30 10:09

      Fix the channels that dont work if there is a cloud in a 500km radius Dont pull an sa gov on us by adding new and not fixing the other first. You are only after more money

      nick.armstrong.1800 - 2012-08-30 12:02

      Djimbie - you don't have to watch the channels you don't like - it's called freedom of choice, and DStv needs to cater for all their clients and viewers.. Well done DStv - Thank-You! :) Such a professional, world-class, TV service (best sports broadcaster on the planet) - is indeed a pleasure - especially when considering the falling standards of service in so many other industries... Keep it up! :)

      ozzyin.sa - 2012-08-30 13:47

      Nick, you are kidding, right? SuperSport the "best sports broadcaster of the planet"? Considering they only show Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, and some motorsport and Golf the majority of the time that leaves quite a few sports that do not get shown.

      nick.armstrong.1800 - 2012-08-30 14:17

      OzzyinSA - Yes - they have 8 dedicated SuperSport channels - plus the news/Blitz channel - plus the 2 ESPN channels - plus the Tellytrack channel - a 24 hour horse racing channel - that makes 12 sport channels... PLUS - 5 of those channels are also broadcast in HD (sometimes SS 2 on SD will be showing something different to SS2 on HD).. So - technically - that makes 17 different sports channels - from 1 broacaster. Right - from Fox in Aussie (or channel 9) - or whomever you think is better in Australasia - how many channels do they have?? How many in HD? Secondly - SuperSport never crosses over for the News at 6pm or whatever (while the cricket is still on) - like your Aussie cricket channels do.. Thirdly - from the Olympics (with 4 dedicated channels - 24 hours a day) - to UK; French; Spanish; Italian; and German league soccer - plus the Champions League and Euro League - how many channels in Aussie show that much live football from Europe?? Not to mention South American soccer too.. Fourthly - SuperSport is one of the only channels in the world that broadcasts every F1 GP race - Live - not to mention Qualifying and the practice rounds too! Not even the BBC or BSkyB in the UK do this.. Fifthly: Tennis - every WTA & ATP tour tournament, and Majors. Golf - the US PGA tour and European tour. Motorsport - the WRC and the Aussie & German touring cars series; Le Mans - all 24 hours. Snooker and darts world championships. Sailing. Mountain biking etc etc.. Get the picture ??

      nick.armstrong.1800 - 2012-08-30 14:31

      PS: In conclusion - no other single TV/ sports broadcaster has more dedicated sports channels, covering as many sports sorts - from all over the world - local and international sports - with as much LIVE coverage of all these sports - like SuperSport does. And - of the major sports of interest to the majority of SA sports fans - rugby; cricket; soccer; golf; tennis; and motor sport - SuperSport pretty much covers that sport - where-ever it is played - domestically in that country, as well as international events. For example, rugby: All SA rugby - Test; Currie Cup; Super Rugby; Varsity Cup; Craven Week; Vodacom Cup; Currie Cup 1st Division; ALL international Test rugby around the world; the Heineken Cup; the Aviva Premiership in the UK; the French Top 14; the ITM Cup in New Zealand... Right - tell me one sports broadcaster on planet Earth - that broadcasts that much rugby - and live too...?? You may not like rugby - WE do here in SA - so SuperSport caters for all our rugby tastes.. Ditto: cricket; football; tennis; golf; F1 and other motor sport.. Pretty much every 'minor' sport you can think of too (like snooker and darts as mentioned previously) - all, all get some coverage... And - please don't comapre us to North American sports broadcasters - they show v.little of any sport that the USA & Canada aren't proficient at... That leaves the UK, Europe, Australasia, the Far East, & S.America.. Right - name me one broadcaster there that can compete with SuperSport.. ??

      shooshyu.tu - 2012-08-30 14:50

      @nick.armstrong.1800 how long have you been employed by Muti-Chance as their marketing man?

      Boom - 2012-08-30 15:03

      Why don't they cut out MNET and give us USA channels like ABC, NBC, FOX etc. that way we don't have to wait months to watch an old show already broadcast in the USA and most parts of the world. ie. TOW AND A HALF MEN. This on MENT is old stuff!!

      nick.armstrong.1800 - 2012-08-30 15:57

      @ Shoosh - Lol! :) Not at all mate - I just appreciate what I have in Life, and what is available to us.. :) I never take anything for granted - and realise all the time just how fortunate we are with what we have.. :) And - I'm talking in all spheres of Life here.. :) Obviously I don't watch that much sport as I used in my examples - I', just aware it's there - and I must say it is rather 'sad' to see so many people just complain and whinge about everything - without appreciating just what and how much they have... It's called the Universal Law of Gratitude - be truly grateful/Thankful to God/the Universe for all and everything in Life.. :)

      gavin.lott.9 - 2012-08-31 09:04

      Nick's just going for a discount ... there is no way he believes what he is writing!

      jason.children - 2012-08-31 14:06

      Hahhahahahahaha I love it when Nick rants......Nick do some work. I do agree we should be grateful but i also think unless you are a staunch sports fan DSTV doesnt do much for you. Mate I would never be without DSTV, finances allowing, for my sport, you know im Sport mad. But Roz would happily cancel the subscription because of all the repeats. R655 per month is only worth it if you are a sports fan. IMHO

      preshen.govender.90 - 2012-09-01 18:38

      SABC had HiDef before DSTV. Most of their programs you had to be High or Deaf to watch it

  • chanel.slade - 2012-08-30 08:59

    will we in the future be able to view overseas channels????? like for example, FOX, CW, ABC, etc??????????? we miss out on alot.

      gregmcdavid - 2012-08-30 10:04

      yes... FOX is quality

      planetleon - 2012-08-30 10:16

      FOX is Top-TV

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-08-30 11:26

      Chanle, no you won't. Different sattelite.

      jack.shiels - 2012-08-30 22:37

      None, for the most part. Licensing takes time and there is a delay in content no matter where you live outside the US.

  • christo.t.botha - 2012-08-30 09:00

    Yes please!

  • bart.mitchell.393 - 2012-08-30 09:04

    However you still cannot give me what I really want. The choice of which channels I want to pay for and watch accordingly and not pay for those I do not watch.

      lydonmcg - 2012-08-30 09:29

      You're very unlikely to ever get that choice because the popular channels subsidise the not-so-popular channels. The minute we're able to start picking and choosing, there'd be no point as much of the options would fall away.

      P.J. - 2012-08-30 09:30

      The lesser packages like Dstv Compact have the k#kest channels you can imagine. 90% of Premium subscribers do it for the rugby and cricket games. The bastards at Multi Choice know that and that is why none of the lesser packages feature SS1 or SS2. They have all sports loving South Africans by the short hairs! I really despise these people!

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-08-30 11:30

      True, i have Compact and the channels suck. Same as Premium, everything is repeated. And if there is fog the signal is lost.

  • march54 - 2012-08-30 09:04

    How about \re-shaking\ M-Net terrestrial back to what it was? Fed up with the 2nd class treatment delivered whilst paying top dollar.

  • Brian - 2012-08-30 09:07

    Don't get too exited folks - big subscription hike coming

      afrikeni - 2012-08-30 09:21

      I can smell that too, and that smell is not sweet at all.

      jack.shiels - 2012-08-30 22:39

      There will be one in 7 months, like every year and roughly at inflation adjustment.

  • klippies.coke.7 - 2012-08-30 09:09

    Too little, too late! I cancelled my subscription yesterday.

  • grant.logan.94 - 2012-08-30 09:10

    LOL and DSTV laughing all the way to the bank. They'll simply up your subs and spread the repeats over those extra channels. So much more repeats to chose from.

      shooshyu.tu - 2012-08-30 14:52

      and the subscribers keep on paying to stay connected.

      Omge Klits - 2013-03-20 01:54

      In effect they are rebranding the reruns to re-sell them . . . .

  • caelykins.zanna - 2012-08-30 09:11

    Great stuff now I can see all the repeats in HD.

  • Robert - 2012-08-30 09:14

    Great but what about dropping the movies that are shown over and over. These I include 2001 Space Odessey, Wizard of Oz, Kelly's Heroes, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseam. Also the doccies that are reruns of reruns of reruns and lastly, quiz shows such as Who want's to be a millionaire that are ten years old.

      kevin.vanblerk - 2012-08-31 09:25

      This issue of repeats has been repeated over and over and over... :-(

  • herbert.shanks.7 - 2012-08-30 09:15

    big whoop ! now you can watch even more repeats with HD quality and pay soooo much more (gave up on DSTV long ago)

  • oupa.bopape - 2012-08-30 09:26

    Please remove the African Channels from the compact channels and add suppersport or movie channels on their space

  • Michael - 2012-08-30 09:26

    So glad I dropped DSTV!

  • george.k.townsend - 2012-08-30 09:30

    I stopped my DSTV as the only thing worth watching was the sport for which I had to have premium. The so called premier movies are an absolute farce. I now save money buy taking out the movies which I want to watch , not last years movies playing again. What a rip off.

  • nosiphom.mazibuko - 2012-08-30 09:38

    The only reason I subscribed to DSTV is for Formular 1, football and news. I do not need the rest of the junk!

      Seducect - 2012-08-30 14:45

      Blah blah blah blah! If you are not happy with DSTV, cancel your subscription! Trust me, I have DSTV for a couple of years now & I ALWAYS find something new to watch. Maybe you must stop being so short sighted & try to broaden your horizons with something different except sport!

  • shelley.vorster.9 - 2012-08-30 09:42

    I have but one Question? How much EXTRA are we going to have to pay seeing as there are so many we dont watch as it ??

  • yvette.wiid - 2012-08-30 09:44

    Hopefully the signal will also be uninterrupted with the launch of that satellite. Very tired of seeing 'Waiting for communication from primary decoder'.

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-08-30 11:29

      Yvette, and we are still not going to have a picture when it rains.

      sankie.oosthuizen - 2012-08-30 14:13

      yvette & jacqui - then you have a sub-standard installation. Come rain, snow, hail, wind - I have never, ever had signal loss. Invest in a bigger dish (90cm +) and use quality, new cables and connectors - you don't have to experience this just because of cutting corners and "saving" expenses on installs.

      yvette.wiid - 2012-08-30 18:51

      Sorry Sankie, beg to disagree. Had our xtra view installed by dstv's preferred service provider in our area, new cables, dish, the lot. Have even complained and had them called out, to no avail. Still sitting with signal issues - as are many others.

  • hvanvuuren - 2012-08-30 09:59

    Next Step, Reduce your Premier Subscription fee by 20 %

  • justin.pretorius - 2012-08-30 10:01

    What is utterly laughable is the cost of DSTV. You are paying way more than the average person in developed countries are paying!! Rather get yourself uncapped internet and stream whatever you want. Ok, so if you a rugby fanatic etc. you will lose but there are probably overseas channels that can stream the games after the match has been played. Once MNet starts to lose customers this way they will offer what they should have done - remove the useless channels and allow you to pay for what you want to see!

      gregmcdavid - 2012-08-30 10:06

      Have you seen the cost of decent uncapped ADSL?

      damian.carrington.7 - 2012-08-30 12:53

      Paying more than undeveloped countries as well! I travel extensively into both east and west Africa. Whilst in Equatorial Guinea I noted that the DSTV rate was substantially cheaper than here in SA. So it looks as though we are subsidising Africa...Haibo!!

      shooshyu.tu - 2012-08-30 14:58

      @Justin get all the sport you could ever need for FREE @ http://www.vipbox.tv

      solverman - 2012-08-30 22:04


      christopher.collings.9 - 2012-08-31 05:47

      U can do alot more with uncapped data than u can with dstv

  • angela.m.vermaak - 2012-08-30 10:06

    I have printed out the change from you email today, and noticed that certain channels will be exclusively for Premium clients with PVR decoders only eg Movie Magic 1 & 2, MNet etc.......Pleae correct me if I've misunderstood your revised channel number schedule which was attached? I noticed that the * and its conditions were in ' fine print ' at the bottom of the second page............... Does this mean I now have to go out and purchase a PVR Decoder??

      lee.theron.9 - 2012-08-30 11:06

      I would also like to know that because all the changes seem to be for HD and I don't have a PVR decoder and yet pay the top rates just like the rest that will benefit with a PVR. Surely they should drop our costs but I suppose they are forcing us to upgrade to keep with the times.

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-08-30 11:32

      Angela, yes, we will have to go buy another decoder and probably pay extra for the HD channels too. Maybe we should all say goodbye DSTV. That will get their knickers in a knot.

      vin2jc - 2012-08-30 14:08

      You do not have to buy a new decoder, if you have a SD decoder you will get the same channels that the HD decoder receives on a premium subscription. HD clients pay extra to get the HD signal on their HD decoders.

  • dino.naidoo.5 - 2012-08-30 10:08

    how's about introducing the supersport bouquet for about R300-350?

  • stera.piliso - 2012-08-30 10:19


  • iceman196 - 2012-08-30 10:19

    yeah great, still no science channel which is part of discovery networks, dstv is probally under instructions from CancER not to educate the nation too much, instead more movie channels to run there mind numbing repeats on, USELESS. Please Sky networks and Channel 4, Please save us from this unadulterated garbage, if it wasent for SS1 AND SS2 I would have kicked this to the curb ages ago

  • solverman - 2012-08-30 10:32

    Subscribe in the UK or USA... and get a Slingbox... much cheaper than DSTV... a whole load better

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-08-30 11:37

      solverman, we were told that can only be done in the U.K and the U.S.

      tmonee - 2012-09-05 23:58

      So can I use a sling box here in Nigeria if I have a subscription running in USA or UK?

  • ludlowdj - 2012-08-30 10:36

    So if I understand this correctly, none HD capable subscribers will loose channels and those few who have HD get more? If I am correct this forces viewers to either outlay the 10 000 plus to upgrade to HD or just suck it up? PLEASE TELL ME I AM WRONG!!

      Mpumi Bikitsha - 2012-08-30 10:58

      For some of us who aren't really techno-savvy, does accessing HD channels require the purchase of yet another Remote accessory? So, come October we'll be forced to purchase these? do we need to make any changes to existing contracts?

      afrikeni - 2012-08-30 11:23

      You are wrong - there I said it, feeling better now? Jokes aside, I think all premium subscribers on SD will get the same channels in SD whilst those with PVR will get them in HD only (not both SD & HD as currently the case on PVRs)

  • kosmonooit - 2012-08-30 10:36

    200 channels of $h!t (and nothing to) choose from... w.r.t Roger Waters 'Nobody Home'

  • francois.vorster.925 - 2012-08-30 10:42

    I really cannot understand why they want to increase the movie channels. On the current channels we see the same old movies repeated night after night week after week and year after year. These people must think we all suffer from Alzheimer’s.

  • unwelcome.za - 2012-08-30 10:46

    I have the same problem as those above. Too many crap channels with nothing good on, ever! Too many repeats! And too many soccer channels! Really how many channels need to be dedicated to soccer FFS! 3, 4 or 5 channels can be playing soccer on a weekend WTF! How about a dedicated Rugby channel? Or a dedicated motorsport channel? The reason I have DSTV is because it is the only option if you want to watch sport. Damn right they have us by the short and curlies - B@$t****!

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-08-30 11:25

    They haven't told us yet what all this is going to cost. All the rubbish channels they have been adding is a complete waste of time and why should we pay for African channels we don't watch?. Come to think of it why should we pay for channels they get for free.

  • Christopher Zoony De Croes - 2012-08-30 11:26

    because soccer is soo much better than rugby thats why. anyhoo.. when will they extend the DSTV walka coverage to the whole of sa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! freaking annoying only in major cities

      collinml - 2012-08-30 11:48

      my thoughts exactly!!!! Multi-choice can launch Intelsat 20. from Arianespace's French Guiana's Space Centre, with no worries but cannot expand mobile coverage WITHIN SA.

      unwelcome.za - 2012-08-30 12:29

      Yar soccer is so much better if you enjoy watching a bunch of over paid ballerinas prancing and rolling around the field. I used to enjoy watching soccer until no-one could take a tackle anymore without rolling around the pitch like a 4yr girl that just lost her ice-cream. In saying that soccer probabbly/maybe has its place, I just dont believe it requires so many channels.

      sankie.oosthuizen - 2012-08-30 14:23

      Extended coverage areas is NOT up to MultiChoice, but ICASA. Google it. You might learn something.

  • craig.ellis.56829 - 2012-08-30 12:25

    And how much is this gonna cost, DSTV is already over priced! If DSTV increases its subscription rates I will definitely be suspending my services!

  • susan.phelps.731 - 2012-08-30 12:27


  • julian.booyens - 2012-08-30 12:34

    What the chances the the channels are remaining the same just been rebranded and not in HD but upscaled ? If they can prove otherwise and offer a seperate HD bundle like the Indian/German bundle and can be bought as a stand alone I would maby reconsider reconnecting to DSTV until then i am saving my money

  • ozzyin.sa - 2012-08-30 13:25

    Well, while DSTv are currently advertising "NEW" series such as Big Cat Diary which is actually from 2005 and has been shown at least 4 or 5 times previous, how can anyone believe anything that they say.

  • john.m.mcdowall - 2012-08-30 14:32

    Do as I did, tell them to go f##k themselves. DSTV aint worth the money.

  • lesleyamygwenmilne - 2012-08-30 15:03

    so in other words although we dont have HD we still have to pay for channels we cant watch !! what a rip off. DSTV should give people the option to pay per channel. Going over to their site now to cancel my subscription. Id rather spend the R700 a month on dvds.

  • lightman.austin - 2012-08-30 16:21

    They only show repeats, what a waste of money- only if i had a choice

  • Gysbrecht - 2012-08-30 16:31

    The change is only cosmetic - we will still be feed repeats, repeats, repeats. By changing they think they will fool their subscribers to believe that they will get a better service. But it will be the same old story, believe me - repeats, repeats, repeats. DStv takes their subscribers for a ride and exploit them for their money. What a disgrace.

  • Jason - 2012-08-30 21:29

    More channels = good. More HD = even better.

  • dave.ducker.3 - 2012-08-31 00:16

    Premium is not bad but it is expensive and has loads of repeats! the other bouquets are pretty crap !! if DSTV really want to do something worthwhile they'd have bouquets where say for R300.00 / pm you could choose any 30 odd channels, something like that. Or you buy "airtime" on your decoder card, when you watch a movie it automatically reduces the time. The current set up really is just ripping us off and they know it!!. I'd love to see the stats on viewers, would have been igh for the Olympics, better this month they are going to dip !

  • makabongwe.mbewu - 2012-08-31 04:28

    Will such change translate to price increase?

  • christopher.collings.9 - 2012-08-31 05:43

    Oh please DTSV is a joke! The only great thing about it is the sports & even that can be streamed via pc for free barring data usage.

  • michael.kleber.376 - 2012-08-31 07:16

    I am sure that DSTV are paying SABC to be so poor and broadcast such rubbish forcing people to DSTV i can't tell you when last I watched a SABC channel and I pay my license fee every year so by that I must say is that SABC is expensive as I pay R250 and never watch it . If i divide the amount of hours i watch DSTV into there subscription it equates to about R10 a hour with SABC R250 for an hour

  • patrick.jimu.3 - 2012-08-31 07:58

    I just want 3D broadcast, how long do we have to wait?

  • zip.reeper - 2012-08-31 09:46

    i don't want bouquets. i just want to pay for individual channels i'll select. how bout that mr khumalo?

  • beckleys - 2012-08-31 11:13

    Am I correct that they are dropping VH1?

  • lorna.bombaljones - 2012-08-31 11:40

    mmmm....let's wait and see. If we are still going to get endless repeats, changing a few channel numbers will hardly make a difference....and the Zone, DisID and Crime channels just rehash the same old crime-related stories with different names, and then repeat them over and over, day by day, month by month, year by year! Take pity on us senior who still have a good memory and have had DSTV for more than 10 years. I actually envy my husband who can see a program over and over and not remember that he has seen it at least a dozen times before!

  • tmonee - 2012-09-05 23:48

    Can DSTV pls improve the DSTV mobile bouquet by adding some movie channels from the new ones they're introducing.

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