Downton Abbey staff in spoiler blunder

2015-10-02 14:51

Los Angeles - Downton Abbey staff have unwittingly given away one of the biggest secrets of the final series.

Despite having a number of "security measures" in place to prevent details of storylines from the current sixth and final series from getting out, a detailed order of service from the wedding of one of the period drama's main characters has been found on location at a church in the village of Bampton in Oxfordshire.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "The cast and crew of Downton have gone to great lengths to hide the storylines for the sixth and final series.

"As it's the last one, there are going to be some absolutely massive plot lines. One of them is this wedding.

"It seems a bit ridiculous that all those security measures could be put in place and then someone just leaves an order of service lying around for anyone to find."

The prop - which states that Lady Edith Crawley (Laura Carmichael) will finally tie the knot with a man named Herbert - was found by a member of the public.

It's been suggested that Herbert is Bertie Pelham (Harry Hadden-Patton), who asked Lady Edith to dance in the 2014 Christmas special and was also spotted on set with Laura at the wedding of Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Jim Carter - who plays butler Mr. Carson - previously revealed more than one couple would be tying the knot in the final instalment.

He said: "There are lots of wedding bells in series six - but I can't tell you who for - because the whole point is to watch the programme isn't it - you wouldn't watch a football match if you knew it was two nil to Arsenal at the end of it."

News of the leak will likely upset Lady Edith actress Laura as she previously claimed the reason they're so good at keeping storylines a secret is because ultimately the fans don't want them spoiled.

She told BANG Showbiz: "I think there's an element that people don't want to know."

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