Food Network producing SA version of hit reality show

2013-11-26 14:35
Thinus Ferreira
Cape Town – The Food Network (DStv 175) is producing a local version of its international reality food hit Chopped

Chopped South Africa will start on the Food Network during the second quarter of 2014.

There will be 10 episodes  in the first season of Chopped South Africa with presenter Denvor Phokaners. 

Judges include fellow Food Network personalities Jenny Morris and Siba Mtongana who both have their own shows on the food channel.

Other judges include David van Staden, Lindsay Venn, Rebecca Hurst and Reuben Riffel.

In the reality show, four chefs are tasked to try and make a three-course meal out of everyday ingredients.

After every course a contestant gets "chopped", until the last person standing wins R40 000.

Food shows a hit!

The first season of Chopped South Africa follows the growing slate of local South African productions on the Food Network such as Jenny Morris Cooks Morocco, Siba's Table and Reza's African Kitchen.

Chopped South Africa is produced by Food Network in response to the growing and passionate foodie scene which has seen other broadcasters finding continued success with shows such as MasterChef South Africa on M-Net, and Come Dine with Me South Africa on BBC Entertainment.

Chopped South Africa is produced by Snelco Prod. with Sue Nell as executive producer, in association with Ukhamba Communications. Eugene Naidoo is the director of Chopped South Africa.

"Chopped is the most highly rated and popular series on Food Network in South Africa and this new local commission will give more than 40 home grown chefs the chance to compete for victory in South Africa's very own Chopped kitchen," says Nick Thorogood, the senior vice president for content and marketing at Scripps for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.


  • Hayley Going - 2013-11-26 15:00

    If it is anything like the rigged version of Masterchef I won't be wasting my time watching this. The really good SA chefs don't bother with TV shows, so we are left with the BEE wannabes. Watching the Auz Masterchef makes you realize just have bad the South Africans really are. And let's not mention Come Dine with Me... those people are better suited for Jerry Springer SA than to be on TV, embarrassing our country with their drunken patheticness! Please Food Network, rather bring us more quality overseas programs and forget about casting South Africans!

      Grant Logan - 2013-11-26 16:29

      Slow down sister! You telling me you only want to see white faces on tv? Because that is what I'm reading

  • Jocelyn Yasmin Roberts - 2013-11-26 15:57

    For the dessert round you have: Beef biltong Iron Brew Fizzers and beetroot Why can't SA just make their own cooking reality show instead of trying to be Chopped but with South African ingredients?

      Talitha Taljaard - 2013-11-26 16:36

      Fantastic idea for a mystery box though. You have to admit, it would be fun to see what they would come up with.

      John Smith - 2013-11-28 14:23

      LOL !!!!! Awesome !!

  • Talitha Taljaard - 2013-11-26 16:35

    If they stay true to the original version in the US this could be a very interesting show. And it would give our South African chefs a chance to come into the spotlight and show their stuff with our local produce (however weird it might be). I'm excited for this.

  • Mariska Vermeulen - 2013-11-26 17:02

    Everybody just hold your horses and wait for the show to start........ Trust me, I know for sure there are top chefs competing for the R40000.

  • Kim Saville - 2013-11-28 13:02

    Brilliant News...but what about Justine Drake....she would be JUST fabulous...Just saying.....Kim Saville

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