Fortune: MasterChef SA was phenomenal

2012-04-12 10:23
Jana Breytenbach
Cape Town - She will be remembered for not adding baking powder to her koesiesters, but Fortune Kangueehi still describes her MasterChef SA experience as phenomenal.

Kangueehi, 36, from Windhoek, was the first MasterChef SA contestant to be voted out of the MasterChef Kitchen on the Nederburg Wine Estate on Tuesday.

In a surprise twist, a second contestant was also voted out, namely Charles Canning, 40, from Cape Town.

Not one of them managed to succeed in making South Africa's traditional koeksister or koesiester.

Fantastic boss

Kangueehi forgot to add baking powder to her dough. "I will never make a koesiester again," she joked over the telephone from Windhoek on Tuesday.

Kangueehi, a mother of three, decided to participate in the competition specifically for what she could learn in terms of cooking. "I didn't do it at all so I can appear on television. If I wanted to do that, I could've entered Big Brother."

Kangueehi works in Windhoek as a client manager at an advertising company and is married to an Italian. That is where her love for cooking began.

According to her, she has a fantastic boss who gave her the opportunity to enter the competition. "Now that I'm back, I immediately got back into my work routine."

'Small mistakes'

She described her MasterChef experience as phenomenal.

"It is something that changes one's life and I learned an incredible amount."

Yet she was devastated the night she was voted out.

"I was really upset and disappointed in myself when I was voted out, because I made small mistakes."



  • JonicaBrown - 2012-04-12 10:47

    They can be koeksisters, or even koeksusters, but I've never heard of "koeksiesters". See my point illustrated here:

  • Stephanie - 2012-04-14 09:30

    Koesisters are little fried dumplings that are a Cape Malay twist on the more traditional South African pastry "Koeksister".

  • Chris - 2012-04-15 11:04

    @JonicaBrown......It is NOT is Koesiester (without the 'k'), now do your google fight again and you will see there are more results for koesiester than the traditional koeksister as we know it. The koesiester is a lovely fried dumpling made by the malays here in Cape Town

  • Christoff - 2012-04-16 07:58

    If you watched the program you would have seen the difference between a Koesiester and a Koeksister!

  • Nadia - 2012-04-19 09:22

    she didn't add baking powder to the koeksister, not the koesister!

  • DeBakkeSelfCateringGuesthouse - 2012-04-23 11:43

    Its actually ....SUSTER not ....SISTER whichever recipe you use.

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