Generations: The gays stay

2013-07-12 10:07
Thinus Ferreira
Cape Town – South Africa's biggest and most watched TV show says its "gay characters are not going anywhere" and is rubbishing claims that the fired minister of communications Dina Pule ordered the SABC and the influential weekday soap to "tone down" the gay storylines.

Generations says there's no truth to circulating rumours that Pule allegedly "ordered" an end to the antics of the characters of the young gay advertising executives Senzo (Thami Mngqolo) and Jason (Xolisa Xaluva) who are now married, and says that the SABC was not told to tone down the gay storylines.

"Nobody has said anything to us and those characters are definitely not going anywhere. Fans must keep watching and can look forward to very interesting storylines," Generations told Channel24.

"We're still proceeding with their story and telling the story which has originally been there," a well-placed Generations insider source said.

'Story is ongoing and will keep evolving'

"The gay couple is still there. If the rumours were true, what does that say to people who are gay? That they're not supposed to be allowed to exist or have a story? Generations started a story of a gay couple a while back and that story is ongoing and will keep evolving."

Insiders said the soap, which pulls in roughly 8 million viewers per episode on SABC1, is already in September production wise and nothing has changed in relation to the specific characters or their storylines.

The SABC earlier in the week referred media enquiries seeking clarity of whether the minister gave such an order to the SABC board and Generations to the department of communications.

The departmental spokesperson for the department of communications who used to speak on behalf of Pule however didn't respond to e-mails and calls seeking comment.

On Tuesday president Jacob Zuma announced that Pule has been fired and is being replaced by Yunus Carrim as the new minister of communications.


  • Kenneth Mthethwa - 2013-07-12 10:37

    I have a feeling that someone is gay and defending it...

  • Poloyatonki Kgosi - 2013-07-12 10:38

    I cant believe people still watch Generations...

  • Colin Stanley - 2013-07-12 10:39

    When u watch a tv series it translates into our everyday living and also educating people on how to deal and accept certain situations.

      Stuart Steedman - 2013-07-12 13:00

      TV is (and should be) a reflection of the social issues of the day. That's why movies from the 40's had Nazis as the bad guys, and why so many sitcoms of the 80's featured single parents, due to the acceptance of divorce. This is just such a reflection of societal concerns, and should be encouraged. You don't have to like it (hell, I don't even own a TV - all my stuff is off the web), but censorship is not the answer.

  • Kholofelo Ramoroka - 2013-07-12 10:42

    Whether thy stay or not ur storyline sucks big tym. Somethng needs 2 be done to attract viewer's back to the screen

  • Colin Stanley - 2013-07-12 10:44

    When a person watches a television series it translates in our everyday living. Most people do not know how to deal with or treat these type of people as it is just recently coming out of the closet. Television is a great platform in the form of a series on how to educate or people in this instance on the gay situation.

      Chreamz George - 2013-07-12 10:59

      @Colin. A society crowded by gays, the future of its population growth is deemed.

      mbossenger - 2013-07-12 15:12

      Hate to break the news to you CG, the gays are already there - it's not as if watching Generations is going to turn people gay.

  • Paul Kershaw - 2013-07-12 10:44

    South African politics offers me enough of a soap opera than any tv show ever can.

  • - 2013-07-12 10:46

    Do u think by promoting immoral lifestyles that u'll get more viewers?Think again.The opposite has been proved true .Family value movies have a great following and viewership.

      Stuart Steedman - 2013-07-12 13:28

      Immoral for who? You? Why do you get to define what is or what is not moral? If you claim your holy book is the authority on morality, then that should only apply to those who follow your book? I don't, for instance, so I'm not bound by your version of what is "good".

  • Grant Logan - 2013-07-12 10:47

    Wow people are so hateful, no wonder South Africa is in the state that it is. Love is love, rather stand up against corruption and crime.

      Johan De Beer - 2013-07-12 10:55

      Oh puhlease!

      Thando Grootboom - 2013-07-12 11:02

      Johan de Beer, we r 2gether my pal! Let's have a dop on Grantie

      Grant Logan - 2013-07-12 11:06

      Thando gaan jy en Johan mekaar steek vir 'n dop soos hulle op 7de laan maak?

      Tshiamo Stevens - 2013-07-12 11:19

      That's a shallow analysis!

  • Fortune Mphazima Xaba - 2013-07-12 10:50

    mina i dont believe in dis thngs y nt bcause if we keep on accepting it it's min there's no Generation any more same sex no baby

      Grant Logan - 2013-07-12 10:59

      No baby not such bad thing. you see so many kids running around don't know where parents are come knocking on my door ask for food. can't have 5 baby and have no house or job.

  • Andrea Thompson - 2013-07-12 10:55

    That eight million figure has got to be inflated, I don't know a single selfrespecting person who would watch that nonsense.

  • habeus.corpus - 2013-07-12 10:57

    To all you haters, speaking about immoral and disgusting, turn your sights to the men who rape innocent children and voice your opinions on that. The constitution allows freedom of sexual preferences so deal with it!

      Grant Logan - 2013-07-12 11:10

      Not forgetting the rape of lesbians, this is what hate speech leads to

  • Brian Makhanya - 2013-07-12 11:03

    We all have different choices we make in our lives. Those who believe in the bible they know what Jehovah God says about gay people, and those who have different believes tend to oppose.

  • Jared Drake - 2013-07-12 11:13

    Zuma, you must learn to accept and respect gay people... Don't attack them!

      Nomvula Cindy - 2014-09-11 23:32

      gayz r d bad image of our country bt what do we knw coz we r nw living in a democracy every1 has ryts

  • Tshiamo Stevens - 2013-07-12 11:15

    Are they sane people who watch this joke of a soapie called DEGENERATIONS?

      Thanduxolo Galada - 2013-07-12 11:58

      Clearly they've never watched The Big Bang Theory, Suits, Breaking Bad, Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, Modern Family...hence they watch this drivel. No compelling story only held together by bubblegum. Broadband access gives choice, one day they will be exposed to better entertainment though one hopes for local stories, the only compelling one is InterSEXions on SABC 1, Tuesday's at 20h30pm.

  • Bob Wowzer - 2013-07-12 11:16

    It's hilariously ironic or hypocritical how it seems to be mostly blacks that are homophobic. They're the ones who are so vehemently vocal about their own human rights and they even know first hand how it feels to be discriminated against, yet their philosophy is such that they themselves are the only ones who deserve to have rights and nobody else. What makes discriminating against gays acceptable but not against blacks?

      Pixie86 - 2013-07-13 01:18

      Actually I think the gay issues transcends race. Both blacks and whites are homophobic. Stop turning everything into a race issue

  • Bob Wowzer - 2013-07-12 11:18

    Who watches such crap on tv anyway?

  • Tumelo Lad - 2013-07-12 11:20

    When is that Stormers game again?

  • Ras Jah Moolka Mokwena - 2013-07-12 11:39

    Dats wat happen whn de country is a Banana republic

      mbossenger - 2013-07-12 15:10

      Brilliant logic - forget the corruption, nepotism, etc - THE GAYS made the country a banana republic.

  • Atholl Hay - 2013-07-12 13:35

    I'm pleased to see that there are more thumbs up for those who are clearly more intelligent and compassionate. There is hope ....

  • Amy - 2013-07-13 06:43

    Lol God created adam and eve not Adam and Steve.

      Stuart Steedman - 2013-07-13 14:03

      Ah yes, the mantra of the homophobe bigot

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