Gift and Bana lose out to the favourites in the Power Couple villa

2015-10-02 15:15

Cape Town - Entrepreneurs Gift and Bana Afrika from Johannesburg were the second couple to be eliminated from the Power Couple SA villa.

The couple stuck to themselves and did not mingle with the rest of the couples, as they prioritised doing work in their room for their budding business over integrating with everyone else. This lead to their downfall as all but Mo and Phindi opted to eliminate them from the villa.

We chatted to Gift about their game plan, the experience and his singing.

If you could go back, would you do anything different?

Not really, that’s who we are. We play hard and we work hard. If we had done anything differently I don’t think we would have been who we truly are.

Do you think that the couples in the house are playing it a bit too safe or is there a strategy?

(Laughs) It’s really hard to say, you know. I really wish my wife and I had the opportunity to stay longer. We went in there without a strategy or game plan, we didn’t even watch the Israeli version of the show because we didn’t want it to influence us. We just wanted to have a fun experience. I definitely think there are some couples who have their game faces on and then there are others who are truly genuine.

Watching the show now are there things about the other couples that have discovered that was not so transparent when you were in the house?

So far my perception and views are the same as when they were in the house. Like I said, there are couples playing the game and it’s more visible now. It’s human nature though at the end of the day it is a competition.

How has this experience strengthened your relationship?

So much! It is actually one of the best things we have done together. We learnt so much about ourselves and each other. We also learnt that we need to communicate better and not just verbally. It really has been one of the best experiences and we would do it again.

What was your favourite challenge, you seemed to be having a good time during the karaoke challenge.

(Laughs) When I was in grade 6 I was kicked out of my primary school choir because singing isn’t really my talent but I love music and I am always singing. It was definitely my favourite challenge, even though we didn’t win it.

Watch their elimination here:

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