Hold on to your hair! Donald Trump is going to host SNL!

2015-10-14 08:45

New York — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will host NBC's Saturday Night Live next month, calling it a "great honour."

Trump told Fox News Channel on Tuesday that he and NBC settled their beauty pageant "dust-up" and have moved on.

In June, NBC said it would end its business relationship with Trump because of comments he made during the announcement of his presidential campaign about Mexican immigrants. The network dropped the annual Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, which had been a joint venture between it and Trump.

Trump recounted Tuesday that he had purchased NBC's half of the Miss Universe Organization, which included the two pageants, and sold the company to WME-IMG.

"It worked out well for everybody, so I think NBC's happy and I'm certainly happy, and we're doing Saturday Night Live and that'll be exciting," Trump told Fox.

Asked how he thinks his appearance on SNL will go, Trump was upbeat.

Trump is confident:

"I think it's going to go fine. ... I've done it before. It's always a great honour," he said. He added that CBS' 60 Minutes earned strong ratings for a September episode that included interviews with him and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"I think it's going to be good for them (NBC), it's going to be fine for me, and you know it's really very much of an honour when you can do a 60 Minutes or a Saturday Night Live. I think on your own little shelf it's very much of an honour," Trump said.

NBC said Tuesday that its former Celebrity Apprentice host will be the headliner of the 7 November show. It's the second time he has hosted the comedy institution; he was on the show in April 2004. Trump was also skewered in the season premiere's opening sketch.

Trump has been ratings gold for nearly every television outlet he's touched since his presidential candidacy took off this summer, the main reason behind record viewership for the two GOP candidates' debates in August and September.

Sia will be the Saturday Night Live musical guest on the night that Trump hosts.

Watch a SNL Trump skit here:

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