Homeland creators reveal how they transformed Cape Town into Islamabad

2014-09-22 14:32

Cape Town – The Mother City is playing host to the 4th season of the highly successful TV drama, Homeland.

Narrow streets and city buildings are being transformed into Pakistani themed alleyways as Hollywood takes advantage of Cape Town’s chameleon like abilities to film the gripping political thriller series.

Filming of the series will continue in Cape Town until November, well after it starts airing in the US.

In a special behind-the-scenes video uploaded by Variety the creators of the popular show reveal just how they managed to turn the city into not only Islamabad, but Kabul and Washington DC as well.

Spending as much as $100 000 on the cars alone to create a true and honest reflection of the Pakistani capital, the crew had to treat the dressing of the set like they would a period drama creating everything from scratch.

But it was all worth it as the cast describes Cape Town as being "perfect as a postcard".

Watch the video here:

- Channel24