Homeland will still thrill despite Brody's death, creator says

2014-07-08 03:00

Tel Aviv  - Homeland may have lost its sleeper terrorist anti-hero Nicholas Brody to an Iranian gallows, but the hit US television show will continue to thrill, its creator says.

Howard Gordon described surviving cast members, led by the gutsy yet emotionally troubled CIA analyst Carrie Mathison, as having plenty of dramatic mileage in the fourth season due to premiere in the fall on premium cable channel Showtime.

"Fortunately Carrie is still a very robust character, (as are fellow CIA spies) Saul and Quinn. And there are tertiary characters who are now stepping more to the fore," he told Reuters during a visit to Israel, where he was overseeing his new production, "Tyrant", an Arab Spring drama.

Shot in Cape Town, South Africa, the fourth season of Homeland finds Carrie "on assignment, doing what she does. She is a person who is trying to stop terrorists doing bad things," Gordon said, without divulging further details of the plot.

She is still tackling Islamic militants, he said, "but it is more complicated than that. I would say that the bugaboos in Homeland this year have to do as much with the American bureaucracy as with the ostensible enemy."

Emmy nominations announced later this week

won sweeping acclaim for its portrayal of the anguished relationship between Mathison and Brody, a US Marine ex-prisoner of war and secret al Qaeda recruit, played by Damian Lewis. After their torrid love affair, Brody carries out an assassination for the CIA in Iran, where he was executed at the end of season three.

That season was able to regain its standing with critics, after many derided the improbable plot twists of the second.

But how far the series has rebounded will also be measured this week in the number of top-tier Emmy nominations the show can earn. Season two won only two last year - for Claire Danes as best drama actress in her portrayal of Carrie, and for drama writing.

Emmy award nominations will be announced on Thursday.

Further fuelling the suspense of past Homeland"seasons was how the CIA handled the discovery of psychiatric problems that Carrie had tried to conceal, as well as her surprise pregnancy.

In the next season, Gordon said, "Carrie has Brody's baby and her illness informs her maternity."


  • Kirsten Blair - 2014-07-08 06:03

    So ruined for anyone trying to catch up on season 3!! Well done News24!!!!

  • Corney Coetzer - 2014-07-08 07:03

    No spoiler alert??? I've only watched up to the end of season 2 and now you've spoilt the killing off of the STAR of the show? Very well done news 24 and f*ck you very much!

      Herman Eloff - 2014-07-08 07:45

      So News24 has to wait for you to catch up on all the shows before reporting on it? This episode aired earlier this year on M-Net already.

      Corney Coetzer - 2014-07-08 07:58

      @Herman, I see your point. So what you are saying is that you won't mind if I give a quick synopsis of what happens in the rest of the Game of Thrones books? I realise that the episodes for those books aren't out yet, but the fact is that the last book book was released about three years ago already, so it won't be my fault if I spoil anything. Correct?

  • Craig Sables - 2014-07-08 07:16

    Author, I suggest you go back to giving daily soapie updates. No spoilers there...

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