Huisgenoot announces reality TV show

2012-03-22 13:54
Cape Town – Huisgenoot and kykNET are launching a new reality TV show, SAKTYD, in which contestants will compete to land a job with the magazine for a year.

The magazine is calling for curious and creative people over the age of 21 to enter.

The job title of the winner is not known yet, but Huisgenoot said it's looking for someone "who will able to get involved with all aspects of the magazine".

The judges, who are all part of the current Huisgenoot team, are Izelle Venter (Editor), Haidee Muller (reporter) and Wicus Pretorius (Deputy Editor).

The show will consist of 13 episodes in which the contestants will have to complete various challenges to test their skills. General knowledge, writing skills, organisational abilities, visual skills as well as energy levels will be tested.

Finalists will be notified by April 26 and filming will take place in Cape Town from May 4 to June 29.

For more information and to enter, visit Huisgenoot's website.


  • Koos - 2012-03-22 14:11

    just a year and then no job.... that is very stuppaaad

  • vaughn.l.jacobs - 2012-03-22 14:18

    ...I think the aim would be to try and looooooooose so you don't get picked and have to write this crap on your CV ?!

  • bluzulu - 2012-03-22 14:35

    Askies tog,

  • Hallo - 2012-03-22 14:40


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