Idols finalists dating

2011-09-12 12:12
Clayton Morar
Johannesburg - Two of this year's Top 10 Idols contestants have managed to keep their budding relationship a secret from the media until now.

Nolly Meje, 24, and Phaksy Mngomezulu, 20, who were the first two contestants to be eliminated from the Top 10 stage of the competition, have told Channel24 that they're dating and are "very happy together".

"It's still the early stages of our relationship but we're taking it very slow. We both came into the competition to pursue our own goals, and now this came as a surprise to us both. We are enjoying each other and our relationship," said Meje.

The two decided to keep their budding romance a secret while staying at the Idols mansion in Johannesburg.

"It's what we decided on while we were still on the show, for certain reasons, but we knew that eventually it would be revealed," said Mngomezulu.

Meje and Mngomezulu met during the Top 100 phase of the competition, where they exchanged phone numbers and started chatting to each other via social media.

"I met Phaksy around the Top 30 phase of the competition because he was friends with Lefa (Pike) – whom I had started hanging out with at the time. Phaksy and I started chatting and we became really close."

It wasn't love at first sight

While Meje said "it wasn't love at first sight", there was something attractive about him that got her chatting to Mngomezulu.

"It was so weird how we were drawn to each other because I didn't go to compete in Idols looking for love. As we spent a lot more time together, we became attached but also knew where to draw the line and stay focused on the competition, rather than allowing our budding relationship to overtake our focus on the Idols crown."

Once the Top 100 phase of the contest was over, the two started bonding over the social networks – and that's where the chemistry hit off.

"We knew we had chemistry and as we started chatting before we went into the Idols house, we knew we wanted to date each other and that's when we made things official. We kept quiet about it because we didn't want that to overshadow our chances in the competition."

Long-distance love

Mngomezulu, who is currently studying towards a diploma in IT Networking in Durban, and Meje, who resides in Cape Town, have decided to date long-distance and both say it's "very hard".

“I think it’s the worst thing ever, but we coping with it because it's something we have to deal with, and we know that sooner or later we going to be together again. She's a very intelligent, beautiful young lady who will be very successful one day and she has the most fun personality ever. That's why I call her monkey,” said Mngomezulu.

Meje added: "Thank you that Twitter, Facebook, SMSes and phones do exist because it helps us stay in touch with each other daily and we're embracing getting to know each other that way. We're also both dedicated to making this work."

Mngomezulu had nothing but praise for his girlfriend's musical talent.

"I was very happy for her when she made the Top 10. A part of me knew that she would make it because she's a great performer and she deserved it."

So who's going to win?

While the two singers have already been eliminated from the competition, they have their own favourites they're rooting for to win Idols – with only five remaining.

"It has to be Dave (Van Vuuren), he's one of the best musicians I’ve ever met, I believe music runs in his veins, said Mngomezulu.

As for Meje, she's got three people she'd like to see walk away with the crown.

"I really think Mark, Dave and Lefa stand out for me. They have soul and are incredibly talented people. I really hope one of them goes on to win Idols."

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    World has officially been turned upside down. What a development....

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    So this is news?

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      Entertainment news, yes.

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    so I guess they were the final 2 left in the comp

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    Just puppy & fun love ngoba? Phaksy mfowethu there are young girls why u my sister just bcoz ye Idols

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    What is this? Idol love

  • IhateYou - 2011-09-15 09:19

    WHy am I not surprised??? Thanks God they were voted out early... We are busy voting while they are busy joling

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