Jeremy Clarkson's 'fake' Top Gear stunts

2011-08-15 14:29
London - A number of Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear stunts are reportedly fake.

It has been claimed many of the daredevil driving scenes filmed by the TV presenter - who is one of the BBC's highest-paid stars, with a salary of £1m-a-year - are actually carried out by professional racers, with the footage then cleverly edited to trick viewers into thinking Jeremy was the one behind the wheel.

An insider who worked on the BBC Two show for more than five years told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: "Certainly most of the time professional drivers are doing the clever stuff on the track.

"These takes are cut in to the presenters' in-car pieces when the programme goes out to make it look like Clarkson has been driving all the way through.

"Pros make it all look more exciting. There are limitations with filming. It's all done on a pretty tight time schedule and they need to get the right shots quickly, which is why they use pros because they can do the stunts in one take."

With time constraints blamed for the reason behind the alleged editing, it is claimed Jeremy only actually performs 20% of his stunts himself.

'Going on for years'

Another source said: "Top Gear relies on professional racing drivers a lot more than the show would suggest. I would say 80% of the driving on the show is done by pros but it is made to look as if it's done by Jeremy.

"It's been going on for years. The fact is the presenters on Top Gear are presenters. They are not professional drivers, so why would you get them to do a job that an expert can do better, faster and in one take?"

However, the BBC have stated the only reason why a professional driver may be used in place of Jeremy and his co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond is when producers need to go back to get a "pick-up shot".

Top Gear spokesperson Tara Davies explained: "When Jeremy, James and Richard are seen driving on the show, it is them driving, but on occasion, the crew may need to go back and get pick-up shots."


  • Janine - 2011-08-15 14:47

    I don't care - it's still a great show.

      Foc - 2012-01-13 09:53

      @Janine ... exactly my point its all about entertainment!! They don't CLAIM they are doing all the driving so who cares they not misleading anybody!!

  • DiePriester - 2011-08-15 15:22

    Wnat is "Top Gear"?

      Fry - 2011-08-15 22:02

      What is "spell Check?"

      BlackPoison - 2011-08-16 07:11

      Top Gear = hoogste rat

  • The Monk - 2011-08-15 15:26

    Big deal. Come back and report on this if you find that they are misleading the public in making buying decisions.

      Ryan - 2011-08-15 16:01

      They almost certainly are misleading the public in other ways. By faking the results of drives in electric cars they gave the impression that they are unreliable for current usage. Viewers were deliberately given the impression that the car had an extremely low mileage and thus affecting viewers' perception. This would invariably lead to fewer people buying this car. Granted the electric car market is in its infancy, but if they fake results for the Nissan Lead how can you believe the rest of what they tell you?

      Cleppy - 2011-08-16 08:06

      Nissan LEAF. Not LEAD. Get your facts straight idiot. It's a brilliant show and I couldn't care less.

  • Tlalane Koza - 2011-08-15 15:48

    Yeah, ok, so when will the new season air?

  • The_J-Man - 2011-08-15 16:22

    Come off it - who really thinks that Clarkson, May and Hammond do the fancy driving? They might do the odd drag race, but the drifting and serious driving is clearly professional. The show is great. Who cares who drives - it's the cars that are the stars. The presenters merely make the show entertaining.

  • Brandon96end - 2011-08-15 16:59

    COULD CARE LESS. Great show.

  • Young Lady - 2011-08-15 20:31

    so what if a "Professional racers" performed the stunts of driving.... would you risk your life?

  • Kobus Pretorius - 2011-08-16 07:36

    This is a completely useless article. Next week the headlines will read: Breaking news-95% of actors use stuntmen! Eish!

  • Sceptic - 2011-08-16 09:47

    yeah so it is still a great show.

  • Slackie - 2011-09-05 12:21

    It's a TV show ... Who cares!

  • David - 2011-09-05 12:26

    All Im dreading is a South African version of the show!! The Australian version is terrible, the presenters make it even worse. I pray that we dont attempt the same. Watching that trophy-head Sasha on Supersport is more than enough, thank you. Take care, ciao ciao........cocking the 9 mil.

  • Llewellyn - 2011-09-05 13:06

    Dont care, its a great show !

  • bear - 2011-09-05 13:36

    They don't claim to do all the stunts, do they??... In fact they make it quite clear that when they need a real test, they call on the Stig. Im sure nobody really believes its them doing all the drifting anyway. How many movie stars do their own stunts?

  • Claude - 2012-01-13 12:21

    Watched a behind the scenes vid of TG some time back... The show is fakes as hell. And all these narrow minded people that finds this show all so interesting and entertaining... Lol. Get out there and get a life!!!

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