Johan Stemmet launches new TV show

2012-03-26 10:21
Anna-Retha Bouwer
Johannesburg - For most people, Johan Stemmet's name is synonymous with TV show Noot vir Noot, which he's been hosting for more than 20 years.

However, he'll soon be putting on a new (waist) coat for Musiektrivia, a new music quiz show which starts on April 14 at 20:00 on kykNET.

As the title indicates, the participants' general knowledge of music will be tested.

"The format of the new show is completely different to Noot vir Noot," Stemmet explained to Beeld.

"The presentation of Noot vir Noot is very energetic, but for the new show I could return to a much older, almost 1980s-style of presentation.

"It's much more relaxed!"

Learned a lot

Stemmet is very excited about the new programme and added that there are no similarities to former quiz show, Flinkdink.

According to Stemmet, this is a unique concept of which the first series will consist of 13 episodes.

To coincide with the TV programme's launch, a new book by Penguin has just been released with the title, Johan Stemmet se Musiektrivia.

This book, which he compiled in collaboration with Elsa Colling, is the culmination of six months' research.

"We had a team of researchers who helped us. I realised we would've had to limit the spectrum of South African music and decided on the type of 'top of the pops' - music that is used on Noot vir Noot."

Stemmet said he learned a lot in the process, especially about older Afrikaans music.

"For example, did you know that Chris Blignaut first performed as Harold Wise because Afrikaans music wasn't popular in those years?"

'Hit the spot'

The book tells the story behind the story, he explained. He believes it will hit the spot.

"I have the advantage that I could get to know the South African public very well during my years with Noot vir Noot," said Stemmet.

There is a chapter included in the book that deals with international artists and music.

Stemmet said although he covers much of the material of the TV show in the book, people shouldn't think it gives away all the answers.

Johan Stemmet se Musiektrivia will be available at all major bookstores in April.