K2 Twins offered R425k to masturbate in public at art show

2015-10-07 12:23

Cape Town – Talk about overshare: The kykNET presenters Charlie and Alex Kotze are now revealing that they were offered but declined R425 000 to masturbate and ejaculate in front of people.

In the latest issue of Huisgenoot magazine Charlie and Alex describe the breakdown of their business relationship with their ex-manager who they say came to them with "ridiculous" offers like masturbating in an art gallery in Paris, France.

Charlie and Alex tell Huisgenoot if they were to ejaculate they would get R425 000 per day for four days.

Johan Stephan, the twins' ex-manager, tells Channel24 "no offer was made. It was an email that was received like any other client or person with work they wanted to suggest to the twins. The email was declined and no offer was considered or discussed further" and calls the twins' claim "ridiculous and false".

The brothers also say they were "pressured" to do underwear shoots, like one in only white underwear in the sea. The ex manager says its "untrue and absurd".

The twin brothers also tell of how they've been locked out of their social media pages and that their ex manager told them they have to buy it back from him for R765 000.

Johan tells Channel24 "the K2 social media profiles were created as marketing platforms – they could always create their own personal profiles separate from the 'K2' brand."

"The K2 profiles were focused to market them as the K2 Twins. It was a project fully created by me – the "twins" concept, the 'K2' brand name, the method to leverage social media as marketing platform with their consent. It was their decision that I create it, manage it and control it from the beginning".

"It was business platforms and not personal pages. It was created, managed and controlled with several input costs which I always covered. The 'K2' marketing was thus separate from their personal lives as 'Alex' and 'Charlie'."

Charlie and Alex Kotze have since parted ways with their manager, Johan Stephan, after a big fall-out.

"I wish Alex and Charlie only the best, I honestly don't have any hard feelings. I think they're following the wrong advice and acting maliciously and it’s a pity," says Johan.

Fake TV show scandal

Charlie and Alex were the presenters of the fake home renovation show Oulap se Rooi pulled from the air last month after it was exposed that room improvements happened at the house of the executive producer instead of at viewers' homes.

They were aware that they kept returning to the same Emmarentia house of co-executive producer Francois van Wyk where different room improvements happened with "actors" who pretended that it was rooms in their homes.

They say they were told its happening because the TV production is behind schedule. In a statement last month the producers said stand-in actors were used and that “not everything on TV is 100% real”.

In the last episode of Oulap se Rooi before kykNET (DStv 144) abruptly pulled the show and launched an urgent investigation, the show for instance did a kitchen renovation of a Christopher Yorke. Christopher Yorke is however actually Chris van Wyk, the creative director of local entertainment magazine.

Co-incidentally the twins appeared in a modelling shoot in that magazine's next issue of 25 September following what turned out to be the last aired episode of Oulap se Rooi.

kykNET tells Channel24 that the urgent investigation launched three weeks ago is still ongoing. "The investigation is fully ongoing. We can unfortunately not give feedback until the investigation is complete".

Johan Stephan tells Channel24 he wasn't aware that Oulap se Rooi was filming several episodes of the kykNET show with Builders Warehouse as sponsor at the executive producer's own house.

"I wasn't aware of it. It was also not me who spoke with any media about it," says Stephan.

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