M-Net's The Wild goes under the hammer

2013-03-05 14:42
Thinus Ferreira
Cape Town – All the sets and backstage equipment of M-Net's failed soap The Wild are being auctioned off this Saturday.

The sale of items will likely bring in funds to recoup some of the millions M-Net had spent on the drama – which will be broadcasting its final episodes at the end of March.

Furniture, appliances, sets, catering equipment and vehicles from The Wild will go under the hammer on Saturday, 9 March in Midrand, Johannesburg at 10:30.

Vehicles on sale

Fans will be able to bid on a wide array of items used in the production of the soap – behind-the-scenes equipment as well as props and vehicles which were seen on the wildlife-set show such as furniture, artwork adorning the walls and even some accessories.

Aucor Movables will have a viewing before Saturday's auction on Friday, 8 March, from 09:00 - 16:00.

Vehicles such as a Defender, Range Rover, BMW X5, BMW X6, BMW 750, bakkies, runabouts and even a mini-van which was on set are up for grabs.

Anyone interested in bidding on The Wild memorabilia can call 011-237 4444.

Update: M-Net has said the vehicles mentioned above are actually not part of The Wild production. Although the vehicles will be auctioned off at the same auction on Saturday, they are part of a supplemental auction.


  • Hans Schouwstra - 2013-03-05 15:25

    Let it be a lesson to Multichoice, although I suppose the story was not to bad they dropped Egoli and binneland for this and Afrikaans viewers moved with it to I suppose Kyknet and 7de Laan

      Karen Pagel - 2013-03-05 15:48

      No, i LOVED the show - what a pity! (BTW, and I AM Afrikaans ..)

      Gerasimos Komnenus - 2013-03-05 21:53

      I wonder if we'll ever get the full story? Are the shareholders asking any questions or has the Naspers spin been too complete? It was fundamentally flawed from the outset and ill considered from concept to implementation. It was an unmitigated disaster that cost everyone involved from surrounding farming communities, to actors and municipalities. Rustenburg Municipality is currently staring down a R800 000 court order for costs because they supported a failed township application lodged by MNet for a studio complex to film the series. Not to mention the wasted millions spent by Mnet on the frivolous application for what amounted to an illegal township in some of the most pristine bushveld of the Magaliesberg area. The NW province also have a lot to answer for concerning environmental approval which ignored just about every aspect of environmental legislation that applied to the proposed filming campus. Viva the Magaliesberg Landowners Forum Viva!

  • Tyron Hunter - 2013-03-05 15:58

    Is it customary for TV shows to purchase all the vehicles they use in the production? I would have thought it'd be more cost effective to use lease agreements?

      Henk Van Biljon - 2013-03-05 19:19

      Remember who were the planners and producers. They learnt well from their masters, the ANC.

  • Tygerr - 2013-03-05 16:07

    Is it customary for a TV show to purchase the vehicles it uses in the production? I would have thought it was more cost effective to lease them.

      Gerasimos Komnenus - 2013-03-05 22:01

      The whole saga stinks in my very well informed opinion. I am still mad at the arrogance of Mnet. Maybe Noseweek should investigate the storyt behind the story.

  • Dewald P Montgomery - 2013-03-05 16:15

    Guys and gals, your DSTV subscriptions will be going up shortly...

      Gerrit Herbst - 2013-03-05 17:05

      It is crazy already! If it wasn't for the sport...

      Henk Van Biljon - 2013-03-05 19:25

      It's a coin toss every day, whether to cancel or not. We complained about poor content, and the next day they flood us with Chinese Kung Fu movies, dredged from ancient archives, given to us for free. Not to affend anyone, but those Kung Fu movies are the same as Indian movies - if you see one you've seen them all. It was no coincedence that they were able to declare a R5m profit last year, to be distributed between the big shots.

      Gerasimos Komnenus - 2013-03-05 21:57

      You have no idea what this little escapade cost Mnet!

  • Emm Emm - 2013-03-06 07:41

    The only decent soap on TV ends. Nice one MNET

  • Chase Bezuidenhout - 2013-03-06 07:54

    Well done boys gees? very high end cars!!! And for what??

  • Grant Logan - 2013-03-06 09:07

    I don't think SA want to watch glamorous photoshopped soapies. We want to see ordinary people just like us, people we can relate to. No wonder The Wild FLOPPED so hard.

  • Melanie Chisnall - 2013-03-06 09:30

    What on earth?! This was my favourite show. Why is this being cancelled?? I used to watch Isidingo years ago until it became too unrealistic. The Wild was awesome! It's something different - it's set in the bush, it's something we can relate to - good actors and realistic scenarios. Not only that, there are so many important issues brought to life. Rhino poaching and other wild animal poaching for one. A look at the way tribes live in South Africa. Family life. Sexual abuse. I cannot believe they are canning this show, while other ridiculous soaps and shows still carry on. Too much greed here. I'm sad, and even sadder for the actors. They did a fantastic job.

  • Maria Roth - 2013-03-07 11:49

    There was far too much of it being shown, cost a lot, very poor content sell it to SABC and not DSTv viewers. I doubt that I will be a subscriber for long now with the price hike. I wonder if they are going to replace it with more repeats. Watched it once decided it was a must miss.

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