Matt LeBlanc: Everyone can relate to having an awful boss

2014-05-06 21:00

Los Angeles  - Matt LeBlanc believes Episodes is successful because the characters have to deal with issues everyone can relate to.

The Friends actor - whose performance in the series won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in 2012 - plays a fictionalised version of himself in the BBC Two sitcom about the making of a TV show and like all good sitcoms it's the characters and their problems that make viewers want to tune in.

The 46-year-old star told the new issue of Radio Times magazine: ''This isn't necessarily a show that's just about making a show. These characters are dealing with things like a horrible boss, infidelity, friendships gone bad, trust issues. Everybody can relate to having an awful boss or a cheating wife...''

His co-star Stephen Mangan cut in: ''Or having a stalker.''

Matt joked: ''Right. Because everybody deals with having sex with their stalker ... It's very common. Like orange juice.''

Matt enjoyed shooting the third series of 'Episodes' in London because he could focus fully on the show and not get distracted by anything else.

He said: ''If you're at home and you're working on something, you still try to do as many of your normal chores as you can. When you're out of town working you can devote yourself 100% to the project and to drinking ... I mean just to the project. No drinking. None.''

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