Michelle Obama vs Ellen in push-up test

2012-02-02 20:14

Los Angeles - Michelle Obama has been busy promoting her healthy eating and fitness programme for two years. But how fit is she herself?

The US first lady accepted a push-up challenge from Ellen DeGeneres on the comedian's TV talk show, and completed 25 in front of a studio audience on Wednesday.

DeGeneres was beaten.

"I thought it wouldn't be good to show off the first lady so I stopped," quipped DeGeneres after quitting. "I thought this looks bad that I'm going to beat her. I'm 54 and you're 48."

Obama has been in Los Angeles promoting her "Let's Move" campaign and on one of her stops, she brought food from the White House kitchen garden for show host Jay Leno in a visit to The Tonight Show on Tuesday.

She also visited a neighbourhood market that plans to increase the availability of fruits and vegetables to customers.

Her chat with Ellen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show will be broadcast on Thursday in the US.

Obama also revealed some bedroom secrets regarding husband, the president.

He can be somewhat messy.

"He doesn't pick up his socks," she said in response to a question sent in from a viewer.

"He thinks he's neat but he has people who help him. I'm like, 'it's not you that's neat. It's the people who pick up your socks. Those are the neat people,'" she told DeGeneres.


  • Cass Arendse - 2012-02-03 06:37

    Walking the talk, go Michelle. I'm 33 i struggle doing 30 push ups

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