Minister to the rescue of Generations

2014-08-20 21:35

Johannesburg - Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa said on Wednesday he is willing to help find a solution to the firing of some of the soap opera Generations' actors.

"We are willing to engage with all the relevant people to help find a speedy and amicable resolution to this matter," he said in a statement.

"We are deeply concerned about these developments and hope that SABC management, the production company and worker representatives will work together to reach a speedy resolution to this matter."

He said the department had always supported calls for the formation of a strong creative workers' representative body to look after the interests of the artists.

The SABC announced on Monday that 16 actors who had embarked on a strike had been fired. The national broadcaster's spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago said the termination followed a call for the actors to return for recordings.

The cast claimed the broadcaster and production company had failed to deliver on promises made to them during their strike last year.

The cast was reportedly promised three-year contracts which they had not received. They also wanted salary adjustments.

The actors who have been fired include Menzi Ngubane, who plays the character of ruthless businessman Sbusiso Dlomo, Nambitha Mpumlwana (Mawande), Patrick Shai (Patrick Tlaole), Sophie Ndaba (Queen Ndaba), Seputla Sebogodi (Kenneth Mashaba), Winnie Ntshaba (Khetiwe Buthelezi), and Katlego Danke (Dineo Dlomo).


  • brian.isham.9 - 2014-08-20 21:43

    Interesting how our politicians step in faster for Generations than they did for Marikana.

      Neville Graham - 2014-08-20 23:41

      @Brian Isham...maybe he's got his own agenda, and wants this lot to star in his own show called ''the marikana saga'' which he would certainly know a lot about.

      Vusi Hadebe - 2014-08-21 15:26

      It appears as if Brian Isham has a selective amnesia. Let me remind you that we currently have the Farlam Commission which is investigating Marikana becasue of the "politicians" speedy to the unfortunate incidents which took place. It will help you to stop your sensetionalist tendencies and be factual,bhozzzzoooo!

  • Majaji - 2014-08-20 21:51

    Please fire the gays too

      John Smith - 2014-08-21 10:12

      Maybe the gays should fire upon you.

  • Eugene Blommetjies - 2014-08-20 22:04

    If the COO can double his pay from R1.5 million to R2.4 million in one year, why not treat the actors the same?

      Neville Graham - 2014-08-20 23:49

      @Eugene, and your tv licence will increase to R800 annually to help pay their salaries hahahaha you gotta be joking.

      Thuli for President - 2014-08-21 05:14

      What TV licence?

  • Martiens Bezuidenhout - 2014-08-20 22:06

    How come the SABC can fire these actors on strike, but farm workers and miners who riot and loot must keep their jobs? What am I missing here?

      sechaba.thabo.39 - 2014-08-20 23:05

      @Martens I wonder how old are you? Is soapie better than mine workers.What you are missing here is maturity,same goes to those in authority of tell lie vision.

      Neville Graham - 2014-08-20 23:54

      Thats why the SABC should run the mines, anyone who goes on strike then GETS FIRED!!!

      Ritz40 - 2014-08-21 00:08

      Wow Zenade and Sechaba!! Talk about racist. You two must be the dumbest racist idiots out there!! Martiens is making a valid point. Why are some employees aloud to strike and others not?? Nothing to do with race. You two are s special kind of stupid.

      Thuli for President - 2014-08-21 05:15

      Idiots. They're all black. In the soapie and the mines. Where do you read racism here? You racists!!

      Sht Stirrer - 2014-08-21 15:03

      Interesting - about the only word Zenande spelt correctly was "racist".

  • Ronewa Marageni - 2014-08-20 22:25

    you fail to help poor people from marikana...l wonder how are you going to help?

  • Sylvester Lehlohonolo Motubane - 2014-08-20 22:33

    Vundla should be given a summary manual of Labour laws of RSA .... workers are protected here baba...please .

      Eben van den Heever - 2014-08-21 06:36

      Sylvester, just keep it in mind that workers are supposed to work.They are selling their labour to their employers and do not have to be employed.Is it true that only workers are allowed to strike and employees do the actual work. Strange but true??

  • MJ Malvito Jacobs - 2014-08-20 22:48

    U beta find solutions very quick coz its the only soapy tht hve the most viewers nd pple pay tv licence fo this soapy. MJ said so!!!

  • Christopher Hart - 2014-08-20 22:57

    Must be one of zumas wives fav soapie

  • Painted Canvas - 2014-08-20 23:20

    It took months for a minister to help with the Platinum miners strike - 2 days of Generations strike and 2 ministers are falling over themselves to get involved. Seriously South Africa - there is no hope.

      Deon Louw - 2014-08-21 11:12

      Maybe the ministers are expecting a kick back or 2?

  • Andrew Moore - 2014-08-21 00:05

    @Zenande Ntanga Mngcele & @sechaba.thabo.39 Martiens (not martens, please sechaba) has a valid questions. as an employer why can the SABC go willy-nilly and just fire the striking staff?. in any other sector they will negotiate and talk and negotuate some more thrn Govt will raise their voices and so forth but not in this case....... why are these workers being treated in a different manor? @ Zenande for future reference, no need to make it a race issue and if you want to insult a person please make sure your insult makes sense and is spelt correctly (just wondering where you were when grammar was taught in school). if SA realy wants a soapie about sex, lies, deceit, corruption filled with colourful caracters and evil mssterminds, dont watch 7de laan, muvhangu Generations etc. all we need to do is tune into and watch our government at play.

      Phae Rayden - 2014-08-21 05:56

      Because they are NOT employed by the SABC. They are independent contractors working through production houses.

      Deon Louw - 2014-08-21 11:17

      I agree with Phae they were independent contractors and not SABC employees. It was not clever to strike when you have only 1 year contracts.

  • Nabeel Roberts - 2014-08-21 00:27

    funny how it always comes down race and marikana. i read through the comments and only see the same population group shouting racism again. if you really want more money then work harder but stop this brainless striking everytime for every last piece of s....t

  • Angela Sandells - 2014-08-21 01:58

    Did a minister jump in after 2 days of striking by metal workers or miners that have ruined the ecconomy?! But a few well paid so called actors earning 16k a week act up like spoilt brats and a minister feels it necessary to get involved? After just 2 days?! This minister should concentrate on bringing arts and culture to schools, not TV drivel.

  • Vanis Drastik Mulumba - 2014-08-21 02:14

    So the miners who work in what us the bed rock of the economy didn't hold a candle to overrated actors caught up in their own hype from a rather pathetic excuse of a nonsensical TV show.this is an insult to not just the miners but to south Africa as a whole.

  • Rui Obed Muchenga - 2014-08-21 02:16

    I have to agree whit you on this one. # crazy stuff

  • leon.toerien - 2014-08-21 02:54

    Clearly the has no real job to have time for this crap!

      Carlo Rewan Booysen - 2014-08-21 05:12

      I so agree on this. Com'on Nathi, surely there time is over now? They just have move on and find another role.

  • Joshua Kgorutle - 2014-08-21 05:37

    good work Minister. the dogs will always bark the moon

  • cuan.wood - 2014-08-21 06:29

    Pathetic, what a f..p of priorities this country has become, it's a soap opera in a soap opera. P

  • Edward Radingoana - 2014-08-21 06:39

    Stupid government. They failed to assist artists who are dying poor but want to intervene in an illegal strike. This is just abuse of power because employer took a decision and they want to reverse it. Just worried that poor employer will never ever control his employees because they are ANC Canvassers.

      Thabang Pitso - 2014-08-23 07:28

      thats true ma frnd our grvmnt he sometyms fails us

  • Justin A - 2014-08-21 08:01

    Government interference...are you kidding me! Stop protecting the ungrateful. Instead of watching Generations go do your jobs! Your priorities are skewed

  • Suleman Hoosen - 2014-08-21 08:44

    now we know why there is no service delivery the ministers are too busy watching generations

  • Josephine Medupe - 2014-08-21 10:06

    I can see Marikana", what about the kids who are been killed everyday BRUTALLY". WHAT COMES IN THEIR MIND SO GOD HELP US ALL.

  • Ntombi Mtshali - 2014-08-23 07:19

    No comment, it's boring. There are serious issues in SA that need the most attention. Entertainment!! Ah!!

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