Modern Family gay couple 'should marry'

2013-05-16 13:04
New York - The American Civil Liberties Union is lobbying for the gay couple on Modern Family to get married.

The campaign for the most prominent gay parents on US television comes as momentum for gay marriage builds in parts of the country.

ACLU Action started a campaign to urge the show's producers to write a wedding episode for Mitchell and Cameron, fathers of an adopted child and one of three couples at the heart of the show.

The ACLU says it is appealing to the fictional family to draw more attention to the real issue as the Supreme Court deliberates on two important marriage equality cases.

ABC referred questions to 20th Century Fox Studios, which did not immediately respond.

Show creator Steven Levitan tweeted a link to the campaign with "Wow".


  • James Blacksmith - 2013-05-16 14:45

    A well written show and very entertaining. After the first season however, I decided to stop watching because I don't like it when a sitcom tries to push an agenda, political or social. Keep comedy politically neutral. Seinfeld was a good example tacking a number of difficult topics without enforcing the writers personal agenda's.

      Grant Logan - 2013-05-16 15:06

      I'm missing the plot, what agenda? The mixed marriage or the gay couple? There's clearly something that I'm missing here.

      James Blacksmith - 2013-05-16 16:19

      @Grant "Modern Family drew criticism from the LGBT community for its portrayal of Cameron and Mitchell as not being physically affectionate with each other. The criticism spawned a Facebook campaign to demand Mitchell and Cameron be allowed to kiss. In response to the controversy, producers released a statement that a season two episode would address Mitchell's discomfort with public displays of affection." The show is dictated by politics.

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