Nando's vs Santam: Food for a year

2012-04-25 12:29
Cape Town - Nando's has seen Santam's bet and raised it by offering the Johannesburg Children's home more than just a meal on their chosen day, but a meal a month for a year.

After the fast food chain spoofed the insurance company's Ben Kingsley advertisement, Santam retorted with a challenge for Nando's to deliver a list of menu items to the Johannesburg Children's Home.

Radio 702's Bruce Whitfield addressed the issue on The Money Show late on Tuesday and he calculated that the cost of the list of menu items amounts to R6 310.

Alistair King of King James ad agency, the agency responsible for the Santam adverts, told Whitfield he feels the spoof was in good nature, but "no one ever spoofs the spoofer, so we did."

Santam's challenge:

Quentin Cronje, marketing director for Nando's, said on the show that he didn't anticipate Santam's response, "but it's nice to have fun with other brands."

Cronje told Whitfield: "Our marketing department went to the Johannesburg Children's Home today [Tuesday] and we are going to give them a meal a month for a year.

"We're also going to deliver tomorrow [on Wednesday]."

Watch all the spoof adverts between Santam and Nando's here.


  • Ze Don - 2012-04-25 12:37


      Stefan - 2012-04-25 13:21

      Nando's julle gee my hoendervleis...

      renaldogouws - 2012-04-25 13:33

      Now is the time for Nando's to hit the final blow and make an advert where they politely say "Now that we have given them food for thought... how about if some amazing umbrella can come and cover their lives" Obviously hinting at portfolios for all the children. Now that would be amazing.

      TataKaAmandla - 2012-04-25 14:10

      Good one @Rendier

      Jarryd - 2012-04-26 00:07

      Win win for all, good press for santam and nando's, and the children at JHB home get a special meal a month. How fantastic :)

      andrew.molyneaux - 2012-04-26 13:42

      Cheapest Advertising Campaign Nandos ever did - especially at TV ad rates

  • lydonmcg - 2012-04-25 12:39

    Love it! More companies should be doing this instead of running to the ASA like a bunch of rich cry babies.

      Gareth - 2012-04-25 13:18

      Such a good point Lydon, it would be refreshing to see more people benefiting and to be honest both Santam and Nandos both look good in the eye of the public for doing so. Other companies, like Vodacom, could learn from this as they must have a permanent seat in the ASA waiting rooms.

  • Narwahl - 2012-04-25 12:41

    good on you Nando's

  • Beliinda - 2012-04-25 12:42

    This is just so awesome!!! Congratulations to Nandos and Santam!

  • Tuco - 2012-04-25 12:42

    Nice to hear some news where for once big giants go at it (although friendly) and the winner is disadvantaged children.

      TataKaAmandla - 2012-04-25 14:12

      who on earth unlike a comment like this? ncencence!

      Hugh - 2012-04-25 14:42

      polydonkey, is that you?

  • gordon.wolfaardt - 2012-04-25 12:42

    well done nando's

      CharlesDumbwin - 2012-04-25 13:01

      seems you have stolen Pennywise's avatar

  • Jeannine-Graham - 2012-04-25 12:44

    Well done, this is the way to go. If only everyone was so open to sharing the goodness of life and love. Absolutely awesome.

  • Richard - 2012-04-25 12:47

    Well done Nandos for coming to the party. Loved the add, now the kids will benifit. :-)

  • tian.bezuidenhout - 2012-04-25 12:48


  • Henri - 2012-04-25 12:50

    So awesome !!!!! with companies like this we as a country have hope for the better tommorow !!!

  • dhopwood3 - 2012-04-25 12:50

    Excellent. Bravo to all concerned.

  • justindeklerk - 2012-04-25 12:51

    Brilliant stuff Nando's! I think I'll go get some Nando's for lunch today in support of such a great SA brand!

      kevin.vanblerk - 2012-04-25 14:52

      Now Nando's must offer a new challenge accepted meal, the "74 special", consisting of a 1/2 chicken and chips with coleslaw, a kids meal with chips and toy, a hot sticky toffee pudding, a cooldrink, and a Portuguese salad, all for R74.00

  • Craig - 2012-04-25 12:52

    When I 1st spotted this on IOL, I thought it was so brilliant & waited with bated breath to see Nandos would do. They responded as I hoped. COngratulations to all parties involved. Let this be a lesson to every individual & company. Why fight & complain, rather challenge, see the humour & fun. I mean look at who the winners in this whole fun - the kids, & maybe Santam & Nandos. Whats the cost to Nandos R 6000 each month & Santam the spoof probably was done at a low cost probably to. Something wonderful leading up to the long weekend!

      vanetia.mentor - 2012-04-25 13:14

      i knew nandos would take the challenge :-) awsm that they went the extra mile and bettered the challenge..... makes me wanna go out and get some Lemon & Herb chicken and a portugese roll :-) #Nandos rocks.... and well done to Santam for being great sports :-)

      vanetia.mentor - 2012-04-25 13:15

      also now i hope nandos makes a follow up ad and challenges Santam to do something for the comunity too...that should be fun.

      dltaylor85 - 2012-04-25 22:14

      Im affraid the ad is not too cheap for Santam because the Actor they used who goes by the name Sir Ben Kingsley was named a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2000. He was made a knight bachelor in the 2002.In 1984, he won a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word or Nonmusical Recording for The Words of Gandhi. He was awarded the Indian civilian honour Padma Shri in 1984 and In May 2010, Kingsley was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So just imagine how much it would cost for his time....

      dltaylor85 - 2012-04-25 22:25

      I mean the guy is worth over 40 Million Dollars hello!

      John - 2012-04-26 12:21

      dltaylor, it was a cheap (though good) retort for Santam. If you look closely at Santam's challenge the name of the S.A. actor who is a lookalike for Ben Kingsley is in the bottom right hand corner. Also guess you missed the changing meals and uniforms in the Nando's advert

  • Michelle - 2012-04-25 12:53

    well done to both of you... this is the spirit :)

  • Scott - 2012-04-25 12:58

    Faith in humanity restored...

      CharlesDumbwin - 2012-04-25 13:01

      from lemon & herb to extra hot

  • Wayne - 2012-04-25 13:05

    well done nandos

  • dawiej - 2012-04-25 13:06

    The exposure both companies have received from this is way more than they could have bargained for. The spin off is great and the kids are gaining from it as well, compared to just running to ASA. Great effort from the advertising company as well with a brilliant idea

  • Sipho - 2012-04-25 13:07

    I suppose the Children are the winners, thats great! Well done to Santam though, Spoofing the spoofer.LOL

      John - 2012-04-26 12:27

      Who are the rectal ofrifi who giving the thumbs down to Sipho and all the others who think this is great?

  • taryn.tavares - 2012-04-25 13:10

    Bravo and well done Santam and Nandos.

  • vanetia.mentor - 2012-04-25 13:10

    how fun :-) hope to see more of this kind of Marketing /spoofing/ funny fun in campaigns to come :-)

  • Warwick - 2012-04-25 13:13

    Both become winners here, well done guys.

  • Mfundi - 2012-04-25 13:14

    Something light for a change. Awesome! At least Nandos and Santam have put a smile on our faces :)

  • john.fourie1 - 2012-04-25 13:14

    If only the politians would learn from this and see how to work together in achieving the same goal - Food for the under privelaged Well done Santam & Nando's

  • Tania - 2012-04-25 13:16

    brilliant! Keep it up! Great advertising for both parties as well as making a difference!!

  • Roger - 2012-04-25 13:19

    Who is the idiot with the thumbs down on every comment? Must be one of the scamral mob upset with todays verdict.Smile it might make your day.

  • Peter - 2012-04-25 13:25

    Absolutely great !! At last South Africa, we are getting our sense of humour back ! Well done Nandos and Santam ! God Bless you both.

  • richard.hipkin - 2012-04-25 13:25

    Everyone wins here, wish the political parties could see what could be achieved if they rather saw each other as opponents instead of enemies..

  • Cindy - 2012-04-25 13:35

    Heartwarming ending to an amusing campaign - Well done to Santam and Nandos! Hope other companies take note of this type of healthy competition.

  • wikus.schalkwyk - 2012-04-25 13:40

    If only service delivery contenders were this sporty...

  • Alida - 2012-04-25 13:41

    Well done Nandos and Santam! This is such a FEEL GOOD story and has made my day! Guess its Nandos for dinner :-D

  • olga.carmichaelgreen - 2012-04-25 13:41

    Nando"s You rock!

  • olga.carmichaelgreen - 2012-04-25 13:42

    Nando's you rock! The ledgend grows.

  • Jerome - 2012-04-25 13:43

    I cant wait to go and get my favorite meal at Nandos now.You guys rock!!!

  • i.R.womble - 2012-04-25 13:45

    Well done Nando's and Santam

  • i.R.womble - 2012-04-25 13:47

    Well done Nando's and Santam

  • ferdi.landsberg - 2012-04-25 13:47

    If Radio 702's Bruce Whitfield Phones us- AtripleA Recruitment will give the Johannesburg Children's Home another R 5 000 and we then challenge other companies to better that!

      john.fourie1 - 2012-04-25 16:09

      Sounds like you are looking for free advertising / airtime, you should give the money if that is your true intention with no strings attached, at least Nandos & Santam paid for their own advertising.

      TaniaSandraSteyn - 2012-04-25 16:12

      I love it!

      neels.roelofsz - 2012-04-25 23:03


  • - 2012-04-25 13:51

    Awesome stuff!!

  • Craig - 2012-04-25 14:07

    Well Done Nando's for accepting Santams challenge, however Santam owned you with that Goood fun for a good cause at the end of the day, hats off to both companies for being mature about it.

  • pberchu - 2012-04-25 14:07

    I love Nando's for pushing the boundaries. Reminds me of me.

  • TataKaAmandla - 2012-04-25 14:14

    It would nice if a bank or any other big boy would join the show as a referee. I have never seen a match without a ref.

  • Liesbet - 2012-04-25 14:16

    Love it!

  • Rishaal - 2012-04-25 14:23

    good show.leading brands leading by example...

  • ferdi.landsberg - 2012-04-25 14:24

    If anybody from Radio 702 - related to this campaign phones me on air- AtripleA Recruitment will give the Johannesburg Children's Home another R 5 000 and we then challenge other companies to better that! Nando's-Santam challenge every month?

      Ant138 - 2012-04-25 16:12

      Why wait for a phone call - just do it! (let it be out of kindness and not for the sake of publicity)

  • Roger - 2012-04-25 14:31

    I think it's great and hats off to both groups; it would even be better if there was more news like this.

  • kevin.vanblerk - 2012-04-25 14:38

    Great advertising opportunity, now every time I see the Santam ad I think of Nando's, a win win for all, including the kids, a happy ending.

  • mastersvoice - 2012-04-25 14:42

    So what is Santam bringing to the party? Perhaps they can foot the maintenance bill of the children's home, or offer to pay for all their e-tag costs?

  • Eben - 2012-04-25 14:44

    Nando's julle is geweeg en het die toets geslaag met onderskeiding. Baie geluk!! Ek vertrou dat Santam ook nou na die partytjie sal kom en iets vir die kinders doen. Komaan Santam sit die "GEE" terug waar dit saakmaak!!

  • StormeCHumphriss - 2012-04-25 14:45

    Always great when some friendly rivalry ends up with a positive outcome and benefitting the lives of children! Well done!

  • abigail.fourie - 2012-04-25 15:07

    All in good fun and more good came of it! Way to go Nansan! hehehe

  • francois.harmse - 2012-04-25 15:08

    Okay so Nando's has come to the party. What is Santam going to do about it. I think the ball is now in Santam's hands to come to the party with Nando's and make it a team effort to help the Johannesburg Children's Home.