New seasons of hot TV shows kick off

2013-02-12 16:42
Cape Town - Attention all television fans: Your week just got a whole lot more exciting with M-Net, M-Net Series and Vuzu bringing you a host of season premieres of your favourite TV shows.

And if you were fearing finding yourself channel-hopping every evening with nothing to watch, then here's a handy guide to some of the hottest TV shows returning  to South African television.

Take a look:

Grey's Anatomy Season 9:

When we last saw the team at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, they were battling for their lives after a horrible plane crash.

After saying bye to Lexie, TV viewers will have to tune in to see how the group of doctors will come together to rebuild their lives.

Grey's Anatomy Season 9
premiered on M-Net (101) on Monday. The show is unfortunately not hot-off the heels from the US premiere, which already aired in the US in October 2012.

*Catch the repeat of Grey's Anatomy S9  premiere on Sunday 17 February at 07:00.

Take a look at a teaser trailer for the new season:

Dallas Season 2:

The Ewings are back - and so are their conniving schemes and dealings.

And with Larry Hagman's passing in real life, the producers of Dallas have promised us viewers that JR Ewing will have proper send-off.

Dallas Season 2 is only four weeks behind the US premiere, and will have 12 episodes.

*Dallas S2 airs Tuesday 12 February on M-Net at 20:30 with repeats on Wednesday 13 February at 16:00 and Thursday 14 February at 14:00.

Take a look at a teaser trailer for the second season:

Parenthood Season 3:

The Braverman family are back and this time around we will see the family face more challenges. From the youngest child growing up to the adults finding their way, the new season will have loads more laughs and tears.

When Parenthood premieres in South Africa on Tuesday, it will be one season behind the US screenings.

*Parenthood S3 airs Tuesdays at 21:30 on M-Net Series and the repeat on Wednesday 13 February at 15:30.

Take a look at a trailer for the third season of Parenthood here:

Modern Family Season 4:

TV's dysfunctional family is back - and with them they bring even more surprises and shockers.

Season 4 will be filled with more funny moments, drama and the coming of another family member!

When the fourth season of Modern Family premieres in South Africa on Wednesday, it will unfortunately be 14 episodes behind the current season in the US.

*Modern Family S4 premieres Wednesday at 19:30 on M-Net.

Take a look at a trailer for Modern Family S4:

2 Broke Girls Season 2:

Max and Caroline accomplished their first task: get a cupcake to Martha Stewart. And in the second season, the girls are back with more sweet surprises!

From breakups to new business ventures, the dynamic duo will keep your rolling around with laughter in the second season of this dark comedy.

2 Broke Girls' second season is not hot off the heels from the US screenings, and will be 16 episodes behind the US when it airs on M-Net on Wednesday evening.

*2 Broke Girls Season 2 premieres Wednesday at 20:00 on M-Net.

Take a look at teaser trailer here:

America's Next Top Model S18:

Dubbed "The British Invasion", seven British models pair up with seven US models to compete for the title of America's Next Top Model.

From previous cycles, we saw a lot of bickering, but in this new season you can expect a lot of cultural clashes, tears and even more drama.

The new cycle premiering on Vuzu will be one cycle behind the US screenings.

*America's Next Top Model S18 premeries Wednesday 13 February at 20:30.

Take a look at a teaser trailer:


  • grant.logan.94 - 2013-02-14 10:53

    Weird how dstv subscribers pay premium fees for these shows yet they are already far behind when it comes to new shows. Modern family already on episode 14 or 15.

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