Noeleen adds a studio audience

2012-08-10 11:33
Thinus Ferreira
Cape Town – Three Talk with Noeleen, SABC3's weekday talk show hosted by Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu, finally – and suddenly – added a live studio audience on Tuesday.

The live show also unceremoniously dumped its still-new white set and replaced its red and white on-air logo image with translucent blue.

Neither SABC3 nor Urban Brew Studios, which produces the daily chatfest for the channel, made any announcement about the addition of a live studio audience and also didn't announce the new set.

The new set, still by Michael Gill Designs and constructed by Sets Drapes Screens, now has a dark-toned, fake mahogany and circular aquamarine look with bland tan wall panelling.

'A work in progress'

Three Talk with Noeleen tried since late 2009 to add a live studio audience - plans which were constantly scuppered and postponed.

Urban Brew Studios told Channel24 that Three Talk with Noeleen will now be hosting a weekly studio audience.

"There won't be a set day for this as we will determine which shows will include audiences depending on the subject of the day. We want the audience to have a fantastic experience so we'll ensure that when they do join us in studio, they'll be in for a treat with great entertainment, inspiration and information."

Viewers and fans of Three Talk with Noeleen on SABC3 who want to be a part of the in-studio audience can send an e-mail to in order to be included as studio audience members in upcoming shows.

About the new set and on-air look, Urban Brew Studios says: "In the world of live TV, nothing should be permament. We're always tweaking, developing and striving to better our show. After 9 years on TV, we never want to get too comfortable, so we always see Three Talk as a work in progress.

"Yesterday (Tueday) we went on air with a new look that reflects where we're at right now. It's sophisticated and clean with a touch of sparkle. It provides us with more space, and of course, the fantastic opportunity to have a live audience."


  • brian.jinola - 2012-08-14 09:24

    Noleen`s show is very poor.. Should never be on air.. just does not make the grade.. wabona?

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