Power Couple SA's most explosive episode to date!

2015-10-16 12:55

Cape Town -  Last night on  Power Couple SA, sparks flew between Mo and Ivan after a couple’s challenge.

For the couples challenge each couple was assigned a giant empty cocktail glass on one end of the room. On the opposite end were cups and containers filled with coloured liquid – one for each couple.

The challenge was to fill each other’s glasses up as quickly as possible. The couple whose glass was filled first, would lose the challenge.

Ivan and Roshila decided to fill their own glass and #theclique followed their strategy.

Watch it here:

In the end Viki and Dyl won the challenge and Ivan and Roshila and Mo and Phindi were up for eliminations.

But Ryan revealed a twist in the game when he announced there would in fact be not be an elimination. All the couples were safe.

Back at the villa already strained relationships took a turn for the worst. Ivan and Mo, along with Phindi and Roshila, ended up having multiple heated confrontations about the challenge.

Watch it all go down here:

#TheClique and their game plan not only ruffled feathers in the villa but also on social media. The episode trended on Twitter.

Here’s what viewers had to say.

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