Premier: Ban sex scenes from TV

2012-04-24 14:23
Cape Town - Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane has requested television producers to remove sex scenes from soapies to help reduce violence against women and children, reports

The provincial head spoke at a prayer service held on Sunday in Soweto for a 17-year-old mentally ill girl who was gang-raped.

The newspaper said Mokonyane urged locally produced TV programmes to broadcast images that "do not corrupt the minds of the youth".

"Children must not watch people having sex in Generations [TV soapie] and think it is cool. We want to watch shows that will empower families," she said.

'Please delete it'

Mokonyane also appealed to those that had the video of the raped girl on their cellphones to remove it.
"Please delete it from your phones if you have it. A young man, engaging in sexual intercourse with someone who does not want to, is not good. It's even worse if that person is vulnerable.

"Not even animals do what happened to that young woman," she said.

The case has been postponed until Wednesday 25 April.


  • LanfearM - 2012-09-13 09:49

    It is NOT sex scenes on television or movies that induce gang rape and the general disrespect and abuse of women and children in South Africa. It is a cultural issue where women are seen as second class and only good for doing the work and giving sex [and children]. When teenage boys admit that they see gang rape as "fun", then there is a massive problem of proper parenting and education. When your president is a rape accused man, who clearly thinks of women as inferior, and is supported by comments such as those made by Malema about a woman that "enjoyed it". Big news flash, NO woman enjoys being raped. When teenage boys rape their 90 year old grannies, it is not the tv that is to blame! When a teenage boy says he "was in the mood for sex" and that is why he raped a girl, then there are serious problems with that child's upbringing! Has he never learned to control his urges? Jerk-off or pay for a prostitute, or try and ignore the urge? He is like an animal that is in heat, only instinct and no morality or brain guiding him. As I said, bad parenting and education. And so forth. People should look to the roots of the problem. Firstly it is a cultural mindset of women as inferior that must be changed. Secondly it is the absolute disregard for human life that permeate our youth today. Thirdly is simply bad parenting and education. If we don't change the above three at grassroots level, then you can take all the sex scenes you want off the tv and nothing will change!

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