Public patience runs dry with SABC

2013-07-11 17:18
Thinus Ferreira
Cape Town – The South African public has reached the limit of its patience with the SABC and swift improvement is urgently needed, says the new minister of communications Yunus Carrim.

A day after the announcement that Carrim is replacing the fired Dina Pule, Carrim says he is "excruiatingly aware of the need to stabilise the SABC board and its management. We need to improve its performance".

Carrim is the fourth new minister of communications in six years while South Africa's public broadcaster, currently with an interim SABC board, continues to stumble from crisis to crisis and the country’s long-delayed switch from analogue to digital terrestrial television broadcasting has become the joke of the African continent.

Carrim says "there is no reason why we cannot move with due expedition. We have these huge challenges and limited time, so we cannot afford not to move fast".

"The plans for the SABC are not plans which I make alone," he says.

"We simply have no choice. The public out there, the business community, trade union movements and society have reached a limit of tolerance about the difficulties we have been having in the SABC.

"We are all committed to work with the public out there in turning around the SABC and the ITC sector."


  • Twopac Shakur - 2013-07-11 17:22

    Carrim sounds like a dedicated employee.

      Robert Burroughs - 2013-07-11 17:54

      New brooms sweep clean?

  • Singaka Mbele - 2013-07-11 17:24 is worried about South African Broadcasting Clowns? oh...sorry,the tv lic for myself and my house...middle finger in the air

  • Hein Huyser - 2013-07-11 17:31

    Too little way too late. No SANC broadcasting in my house for years now, and not tomorrow. Just can't trust them as long as the anc make the appointments.

  • Luanda Gqirana - 2013-07-11 17:32


  • Frans Van Der Merwe - 2013-07-11 17:32

    Easy, fire the whole SABC board... Appoint a smaller nucleus of A-political professionals pay them huge bonuses on performance... But also fire ( not suspend) if targets are not met and quality manage them back to health if possible.

      Jenny Nel - 2013-07-11 18:44

      Good ideas, Frans, but since when does the ruling rabble ever do the right thing. The SABC is another avenue through which they bleed the state coffers into private pockets. I will be very surprised if this guy makes a difference. They all say the same things, get comfortable, draw the salaries and enjoy the perks and to hell with the public.

  • Char Ou - 2013-07-11 17:37

    I missed the SA vs Scotland first half on Supersport so I decided to catch the delayed broadcast on SABC. 7 min advert break between the anthems and kickoff, repeats(not highlights) and removal of certain parts of the game,3 different languages spoken during commentary and some dude screaming 'hele wereld' every time something exciting happened. Great comedy SABC!Side bar-The lady in the picture looks alot like Miss Piggy from the Muppets. Gf material for tenders?

      Nico Loubser - 2013-07-11 18:08

      I love it ..... Miss Piggy. I had to go back and see what you were talking about. Love it love it.

  • Sello Molekwa - 2013-07-11 17:42

    In the period that the Communications Department had four Ministers, the Tourism Department had one.

  • Sean Redmond - 2013-07-11 17:42

    New broom? wait six months and nothing will have changed, except he will be driving a R1mil car.

  • Niels Nilsson - 2013-07-11 17:46

    The problem is you have to have a TV lic to buy a tv. My TV is conected to my PC I stream the rugby so I dont even need the racist multichoice with their we'll only broadcast the soccer on the cheaper packages and their countless repeating programs on Discovery. How about I send you used cheque and call that a repeat.

      Char Ou - 2013-07-11 17:48

      Which sites do you use to stream matches?

  • Matsobane Langa - 2013-07-11 17:47

    Those guys don't care, nothing will change, they all have DSTV installeed in their mansions... #middle finger in the air

  • Yvonne du Preez - 2013-07-11 17:49

    At last someone with brains talking

      MadMax To Return - 2013-07-11 19:33

      To say things doesn't show brains, but to back it with positive actions does!!

  • Ron Bilyard - 2013-07-11 17:49

    Just close it.It's crap anyway.

  • proudlysa - 2013-07-11 17:58

    Dina said the same when she started....go and check the records....ANC "voice" so not much they can do!!

  • Thabethe Joseph Oupa Msotho - 2013-07-11 18:26

    amen to that

  • Jenny Nel - 2013-07-11 18:40

    The SABC should have been privatised long ago. It has become nothing more than a comfortable and well paid haven for anc cadres and politically connected nobodies. The rubbish they dish up is laughable. Let us hope that Carrim is more than just talk. We are bored senseless with the TALK - everybody can do that. Its action we need, and that is very slow in coming.

  • Neil Alan White - 2013-07-11 18:41

    what sabc needs is decent programming. they the reason why dstvhas such a huge market share. sabc is stuck in the 90s with its programming. not good enough.

  • ARTFUL DODGER. - 2013-07-11 19:03

    Well the first thing this new minister should do, is to fire the board and replace them with, TRUE BLOOD WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!!..........problem solved!!!!.....say no more!!!

  • Caroline Clulow - 2013-07-11 19:16

    Att: Yunus Carrim.... I don't have a TV, I don't own one, rent one or even watch an imaginary screen. I haven't had a TV for almost 2 years now. PLEASE send a licence officer to investigate my premises for a hidden or otherwise TV!!!! I will not pay a licence fee for a service I don't use. PLEASE SEND ONE OR MANY OF YOUR OFFICERS AND THEN LEAVE ME ALONE!

  • Pieter van Staden - 2013-07-12 02:25

    Reached my limit of tolerance long time ago for the sabc.

  • Jurie Nel - 2013-07-12 09:35

    Great, wonderful sounding words, Yunus. But in the (freely) translated words of the great Langenhoven, "words wake, but examples show the way". Let's see some action. And just going digital is not going to cut any ice - the SABC needs to be transformed from ANC mouthpiece to National Broadcaster. And if you cannot tell the difference, get out.

  • Michael Moolman - 2013-07-13 06:23

    Wow! Talk about accepting a poisoned chalice.

  • Michael Kleber - 2013-07-22 18:11

    Honestly i dont watch a minute of SABCTV

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