SABC blackout an 'act of God'

2013-06-11 12:46
Thinus Ferreira
Cape Town – The SABC explains the blackout which hit the South African public broadcaster during the soccer match on Saturday between Bafana Bafana and the Central African Republic (CAR) as "an act of God".

On Saturday excited viewers saw video of the match until after the national anthems were played. A blackout caused by a thunderstorm then interrupted the broadcast which led to viewers missing the larger part of the first half of the match during which Bafana Bafana won 3-0 in Yaoundé.

Speculation immediately started that the SABC is again involved in a contractual tug of war between the broadcaster and the broadcast rights holder, the French company SportFive, which in the past scuppered several soccer broadcasts due to last minute fights over money.

Satellite link

According to the SABC a thunderstorm disrupted the satellite link between Cameroon and Paris from where the signal is being sent first before being uplinked and sent to South Africa.

"The thunderstorm disrupted the link and we couldn't get the feed," says the SABC, calling it "an act of God".

"This is an act of God which we could not have done anything about," says the SABC.

"We use satellite to get audio and video so we're happy it came back and we could finish the game."


  • Coenraad Van Der Westhuizen - 2013-06-11 13:02

    It was an act of Thor. Seriously.

  • Lucky Luke - 2013-06-11 13:13

    hmmm if only God would act on behalf of the sabc!! they need the bolt of lightning where the sun does not shine!

      Cassandra - 2013-06-11 16:49

      God shines - even there!

  • Seducect - 2013-06-11 13:13

    Seems like God doesn't like soccer.

      Cassandra - 2013-06-11 16:57

      Nah, God likes sport, I mean the real thing, what He doesn't like is the SABC!

  • Marc Anthony Webb - 2013-06-11 13:19

    Best the SABC take this Act of God up with their HR Department...

  • Philip Vde - 2013-06-11 13:26

    Just dismantle the SABC .... useless and pointless

      Cassandra - 2013-06-11 16:49

      And privatize it.

  • Jay Hull - 2013-06-11 14:09

    Lol that's a new one, come on SABC you bunch of idiots, why would God waste any time on such a meaningless organization.

  • Rob Fleming - 2013-06-11 14:21

    SABC are not being overly honest here.... Look what Nkareng Matshe, who was at the stadium in Cameroon, had to say just before the match at the stadium on twitter... Nkareng Matshe ?@Nkareng 8 Jun Looks like rain is gone forever. Sun shining, both teams on the field for warmup.

      Mike Olwagen - 2013-06-11 14:44

      Couldn't blame apartheid for this one, so let's blame the next best thing!

      Simon Sinimoni - 2013-06-11 15:51

      SABC may be telling the truth.Signal could have been distrupted in Europe since they (Europeans)are having bad weather over there.Over here in Zimbabwe its next to impossible to get a DSTV signal when its raining here even though the weather would be clear in RSA from whence the signal comes from

  • Selwyn Lloyd - 2013-06-11 15:56

    Now this will go down well with atheists....NOT!!!

      Cassandra - 2013-06-11 16:56

      The pagans will love it. They love to blame a God they don't believe in for everything they, or in this case the SABC, haven't got an answer for!

  • Beckie Knight - 2013-06-11 16:49

    Mmmmm - maybe an act of Allah? Or perhaps an act of Muhammed?

  • Kobie Kearney - 2013-06-12 01:16

    seriously??? so easy to put the blame on somebody else.....I bet most IF not all SABC's officials do not even believe in GOD.

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